Dom Mazzetti Tells You What is Bro Science? (LOL)


Dom Mazzetti just started a new youtube channel titled “Bro Science Life” lol If you dont know what “broscience” is, he explains it in typical Dom Mazzetti style. Also included the urban dictionary meaning below.
Broscience – Word of mouth knowledge passed off as fact, primarily among bodybuilders + weightlifters. Generally spouted most by guys who have used loads of steroids and are huge, have no idea what is happening to their bodies and then share that same cluelessness with others who make the false assumption that their experience means that they have knowledge.

“I never had any hairloss when I pinned the testosterone in my butt cheeks, but when I tried pinning in my bicep, I went bald” is some broscience you could find in a forum, or a gym