Don’t Be A Gym Flow Assh*le!


I’ve been meaning to post this since the beginning of  the new year. This is meant to be a guideline for a few basic gym rules to follow. As the new year brings many new gym goers to the gym, it also brings a lot of bad habits for those that dont know no better. Below is a short list of guidelines for new gym goers to follow, so you dont get labeled a Gym Flow Assh*le!

  1. Re-rack your weights! Nothing is more annoying than spending 5 minutes searching for the other 60 lb dumbbell, only to find it buried near the squat rack on the other side of the gym.
  2. Wipe down your equipment! What the f*ck happened to people using towels at the gym?  No one wants to lie in a pool of someone elses sweat while they’re trying to get a work out in!  So grab a paper towel and sanitizer spray and clean up after yourself!
  3. Wear freaking deodorant! This one should be obvious but there have been plenty of times while lifting that I’ve had to pick up my weights and move somewhere else because of someoneelses hygiene issues.
  4. Wash your hands! If I catch you  taking a leak  and trying to leave the restroom without washing your hands, I’m gonna callyou out.  As if the weights and bars aren’t dirty enough, now you’re going to add a little something extra to the equation… I don’t think so bro.

If it sounds like I’m bitching, then you have never experienced the joy of laying in Sir Hairy Swollback leftover sweat stains all over the bench.  Like you, I go to the gym to improve my physique and be healthier, not to catch whatever illness or skin irritation you came in with!