Don’t Try To Rob Someone That Lifts… (Video)


LMAO! This is what you get for trying to rob someone that lifts! This is proper justice for these losers!

Tried To Rob The Wrong One Ended Up Looking Like Victims! ™ Regardless of How It Looks, These Are Not the Victims of a Crime — They Are the Perpetrators Who Learned a Very Painful Lesson Two suspected robbers left the scene of their own crime looking like the victims of a brutal attack after their would-be victims fought back. Johnny Calderon Jr., 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, attempted to rob two University of Virginia students at gunpoint, which turned out to be a huge, painful mistake, according to police in Charlottesville, Va. Police arrived on the scene to find the two students had beaten up and detained the suspects.

Clearly, Calderon got the worst of the beating. His right eye was swollen shut and his face bloodied. However, Allen didn’t get off easy and arrived at the police station with a black eye and plenty of bruises. Calderon has been charged with two counts of attempted robbery, one count of pointing a firearm and using a firearm in the commission of a felony, WVIR-TV reports. Allen is facing two counts of attempted robbery. “Calderon is due in General District Court Friday morning for a hearing. Allen is due in court on October 3,” the report adds.