Eat to Stay Healthy This Autumn: The Food We Should be Eating


Eating healthy foods this autumn can be a big challenge. The fall season brings dozens of opportunities to indulge on foods high in calories, fat, and sugar. Because clothing is more forgiving, many people find themselves indulging much more during the winter months. It is important to continue eating certain nutritious foods to stay healthy and fit year round. Here are the foods that you should be eating this autumn.

Orange Vegetables
Vegetables that are an orange or tan colour are in season during the autumn. These foods, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and squash are an excellent source of vitamins and fibre. Add more of these vegetables to your meals.

Cashews, pecans, and almonds are an excellent source of Omega-6 and other healthy fats. They are a healthy way to snack during the autumn season. They will also fill you up and help you avoid unhealthy foods. If you are attending a party or gathering, snack on a handful of almonds before and you will find yourself less tempted to indulge.

Lean Protein
A healthy diet must always include foods rich in lean protein. Fish, legumes, and eggs are all excellent sources of lean protein. You can also snack on food choices such as hummus, a chickpea spread, and edamame.

Whole Grains
It is important to include whole grains in your diet this autumn. Not only are they packed with fibre, but, they will also fill you and help you avoid binge eating. Switch to unprocessed whole grains, such as brown rice and wheat bread and you will see a difference.

Fresh Fruit
People often find themselves eating less fresh fruit during the autumn. One of the reasons is because it is less appetizing in the cooler temperatures, but, it is also more expensive because it is not in season. Add warm fruit snacks to your diet, such as baked apple with cinnamon, bananas and warm oatmeal, and grilled peach or pear to curve your appetite for sweets. You can also purchase frozen fruits to save money.

Eating Healthy at a Party
It is hard to stay healthy with all the fall and winter parties and gathering going on. To stay on a healthy diet, choose treats and snacks that are healthier and less sugary, such as fruit, raw veggies, and cheese cubes. Try to fill up on salad and veggies before your meal and avoid sugary alcoholic drinks by sticking to light beer or water. You can also eat a light meal before a party so you snack lightly and avoid the unhealthy foods.

Autumn Favourites
You don’t have to sacrifice on some of autumn’s traditional meals. All you have to do is cook healthy recipes for them. If you want pumpkin pie, look for a version that is crustless and uses skim milk. Use soy or almond milk and dark chocolate for your favourite hot chocolate drink. For Thanksgiving, cook an organic turkey without butter and other high cholesterol seasonings. Eat soups and baked or grilled fruit when craving something warm.


Author Bio:

Sally writes on behalf of TRAC Services, a regulatory affairs consultancy that help pharmaceutical companies with the clinical trial application process throughout Europe. Sally enjoys reading health and fitness blog and is particularly interested in the power of food as a medicine. Any opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily represent the business Sally writes for.