Eat To Train Like A Strongman

Eat to train like a strongman

Most of us hold the conception that lifting heavy weight is associated with a muscular frame and that giant lats can help one assist one in rowing the barbells burdened with clanking plates for a week.  Yet if you are not providing proper nourishment and sufficient fuel to your body, then you will discover that your viewpoint is really shortsighted. You might be aware of the analogy that your musculature simulates the car-if you feed junk to it, it will perform like a junk material. This is exactly the case when you are working out and putting intense effort to build strength.

If you are trying to shift weight speedily and yet build endurance and stamina, then you need to ensure that the performance of your muscles is superlative. Read on and discover five ways that ensure that your body seems to operate on jet fuel every time you endeavor to perform a big lift on the platform, bench or rack.

Make protein your early companion:

Protein is crucial for development and growth of the muscles and you need to guarantee that you are consuming at least 1 gram of protein per body pound although 1.5 grams of protein per pound is recommended. Protein is imperative for innumerable reasons if you are lifting heavy weights amongst which the most primary motive is that it safeguards the muscle. The heftier your burden is the more intense the mechanical impairment will be of your muscle fibers. The more injury of the muscle fibers denotes that they will need extra mending and revitalization. Extra impairment and additional revival of the muscles means new growth and these trio processes prerequisite protein. Therefore, when you are attempting to lift hefty weight, consume 1.5 grams of protein per body pound to ensure greater recovery and enhanced growth. That is about 300 grams of protein for a person weighing 200 pounds. Some of the food sources which are powerhouses of protein are poultry, fish, beef, eggs, and whey, casein and soy protein powders.

Carry on with carbohydrates:

To have lasting endurance and power to keep on performing multiple sets in a row, your body requires carbs which is hoarded in the muscles in the form of glycogen.  The fundamental fuel sources that you utilize during heavy training session are creatine phosphate and muscle glycogen and both of these are obtained through the ingestion of carbs. You should attempt to fuel your body with 2-3 grams of carbs per pound of your weight and consume up to 4 grams of carbs per body pounds preceding the day of the heavy lift. That means a 200 pound guy should shoot for 400-800 grams of carbs per day. Slow-digesting carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, pastas, whole-wheat bread and sweet potatoes are the recommended options.

Fat shouldn’t be eliminated:

Both the healthy unsaturated fats and the saturated fats are indispensable for bodybuilders and power lifters. This is because according to research, athletes who aim for elevated intake of fat have intensified levels of testosterone in their body as compared to those athletes who have low fat levels in their body. Beef is a great source of saturated fat and protein. Healthy unsaturated fats are also vital as they proffer the body with innumerable health benefits like helping you to stay trim and fit and assisting in recovery of the joints and joint recovery is an essential concern when endeavoring to beef up the body. Olive oil, nuts, avocadoes and peanut butter are great sources of unhealthy unsaturated fats. To procure the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids eating fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and white tuna and ingesting flaxseed oil and walnuts is also profitable. Aspire to attain 30% of your total calories per day from healthy unsaturated fats and 10% from saturated fats.

Sustain your workouts with calories:

To train heavy and build up endurance, you need plenty of calories. Provided that you follow the above three tips, you will be able to shoot up to 20 calories per pound of your bodyweight daily. That is nearly 4000 calories for a 200 pound brute. You need ample calories to ensure that you consume more then you expend. If calories expended are more than calories consumed, your body will switch to starvation mode and this cancels the process of regeneration, growth and potency of the muscles.

Load yourself with these power packed supplements:

Recognizing which supplements to take can have a huge impact on your strength training. Here are some of the essential supplements that will power up your workout.


This stimulant not only provides you with energy that you need for a tough workout but also enhances muscle vigor according to research. It boosts the capability of the muscle to augment the contractions of the muscles.  It is recommended to take 200-400mg of caffeine an hour before a workout.


Arginine causes the NO levels to be raised in the body, which in turn improves the circulation of the blood to the muscles. Taking 3-5 grams of arginine in the form of L-arginine, alpha-ketoglutarate, arginine malate and arginine ethyl ester prior to an hour or a half before a workout is indorsed for strength training.


This is one power packed supplement recommended for all bodybuilders. Take 3-5 grams of creatine in the form of creatine citrate, creatine ethyl ester or creatine monohydrate immediately before and after an intense calisthenics.


The beta-alanine amino acid is conglomerated with histadine amino acid to form carnosine. According to a recent research, muscles that have an elevated level of carnosine are more powerful and muscular which is why many athletes are known to supplement their diet with carnosine and beta-alanine. It is recommended that you consume 1-2 grams of beat-alanine or carnosine immediately before and after a workout for magnifying endurance, force and energy.