Eat Well, Save Money: Shopping For Food On The Internet



Shopping for groceries, food and drinks online might be something you never considered doing. After all, you grew up going along with mom and dad to the grocery store, and that may feel like the only way to stock your home with food. That simply is not true anymore. Many of you are already buying you supplements online but what about your groceries? Many websites offer groceries, food and drink with price comparisons, shipping deals and other incentives.

1. Buying online in bulk is one major way that consumers, especially families, can save a lot of money. Now with gas prices going up, you can save a trip to the store. Websites that sell in bulk often offer deals on their shipping if you spend enough money. This is a great way for large families to stock up on non perishable goods without having to truck around to wholesale marts and pay exorbitant membership fees, only to wind up still overpaying for their bulk food items.

2. Though most of us think of as a source for books and products, Amazon has an entire selection of grocery products at prices that are very reasonable. They carry a lot of gourmet and hard to find items at reasonable rates. They also sell bulk foods. With their Amazon Prime system, some grocery items will qualify for free shipping, which should knock a decent amount of shipping cost off an order if decisions are made carefully.

3. We all know that Wal-Mart has expanded into Super Centers in recent years which include grocery stores, but did you know you can buy groceries from Wal-Mart online, too? They have some of the best prices around on basic staple items and will deliver right to your door. Much like Amazon, some of their items will qualify for free shipping.

4. Even if you are not specifically ordering your food from the Internet, your local supermarket will generally have a circular available on their website which will tell you what is on sale from week to week and what is available. These websites generally also have coupons that you can load onto your store rewards card or print out to use in-store. By planning meals around sales and using coupons, you can save on groceries using the Internet.

5. Last but not least, comparison shopping using the Internet is a way that you can shop around to see what store has the best price on what items. Look at the circulars of the stores in your neighborhood. See which stores have which sales and which websites have which coupons, and plan your shopping trip accordingly. If you can save significant money by making two trips, then the research you just did on the Internet will keep cash in your wallet!


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Frank Conley is an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices and beastin in the gym. Saving money is also a huge priority, because eating healthy isn’t cheap. If you live in a rural area and have crappy internet, check out high speed satellite internet at a great price.