Effective Bodybuilding Schedule



If you take a closer look on whole body building arena, then you’ll find only three crucial points are involved with the entire process. The points are – workout, diet and of course an effective and full proof schedule. But unfortunately, it is very common that, after continuing the workout schedules, many bodybuilders feel, the routine is ‘frustrating!’ the main reason of it is – the design of the schedule and overlooking the common pitfalls of workout plans. Not only that, according to various bodybuilders – the schedule is boring and frustrating for them – that’s because, the routine can’t be customizable. But this is purely not true. Because it is proven that, if the beginner bodybuilder continuously change the schedule without knowing the importance of each exercise, then it he/she never get the best results! That is the prime reason – to stick on the “so-called” bodybuilding schedule.

If you’re a beginner and after workouts for a couple of months, don’t get any significant difference in your body – no matter, whether you’re going to lose your weight or gaining mass! Then probably, you’re doing something wrong with your workout schedule. It is the right time to take a closer look on your schedule. However, here are some common pitfalls that usually found in newbies workout schedules –

Workout Too Often – hopefully, this is a serious and most critical issue in beginners schedule. Usually, while you start exercising – your muscles are breaks and create new muscles and this is an ongoing process. And due to that, fatigue and muscle pains are sometimes taking place. Many beginners stop their workout during that period. Alternatively, busy working or study schedule also affects your workout schedule. If your work schedule hampers your exercise schedule, then you must manage your time effectively. For example – wake up in the early morning, do your workouts and then start working. Or share your housekeeping work with your partner. Always remember, less exercise means poor result!

Arbitrary Workouts – it is very common for beginners. When you just join the gym, there are excellent bodybuilders around and doing various heavy and stressful exercises that simply impress you! And you start following them! It is strongly recommended that – you NEVER try any exercises that are not suggested by your instructor. Arbitrary exercise is extremely dangerous for your health.

Cross Training – it is one of the most underrated parts of the entire bodybuilding schedule. Keep in mind that, only exercise can build your muscles, but if you want a faster response from your bodybuilding workouts, increase your stamina and improve your immunity, then cross training is MUST.  Cross training includes – swimming, cycling, martial art, dance, aerobics, yoga or any other form of exercise. Those exercises help you to prepare your muscles to take more load from your bodybuilding exercise, improve stamina and give you the perfect results.

Finally, apart from the above-mentioned points, you must concentrate on muscle supplements like – micronutrients like – protein powder, protein bar and other safe supplements. Last but not the least, rest between workout is also essential. Rest is not only helping you get rid of muscle fatigue, during that period, your body start building new muscles.