The Electronic Cigarette Revolution: Long Term Fix or Part Time Fad?


There’s people vaping everywhere, the news is dominated by it and the debate rages as to whether it’s good or bad; the electronic cigarette revolution is certainly in full swing. Is the use of e-cigs an effective form of quitting smoking or will it encourage youngsters who aren’t smokers to purchase one thinking it’s cool and not harmful though? It is certainly a difficult question to answer and one that many people are debating as to whether e-cigarettes are a long term fix or a part time fad.

We’ve teamed up with VIP Electronic Cigarettes, one of the UK’s largest suppliers, to run through a few important things to know about e-cigs and ‘vaping’ to help you establish your own opinion;

How They Work

When you use an e-cigarette your old lighter will become redundant as there is nothing to light! Running off battery power, each e-cig contains a vaporisation chamber and a cartridge filled with liquid, which can be flavoured to give a distinctive taste.

When a user puffs and follows the same process as they would when using a real cigarette, the battery powers a device which in turn heats the liquid in the cartridge, turning it into vapour. This vapour is then inhaled and there is no smoke, no smell and no carbon monoxide.

What They Contain

Despite being smoke and tobacco free, e-cigs do contain nicotine in the liquid, along with many other additions, including flavouring. The amount will vary from design to design, with some containing the same amount as a standard cigarette whilst others will have a similar amount to a light cigarette after the nicotine has been mixed with the other ingredients at a lesser concentration.

There are flavoured cartridges available which don’t contain any nicotine and offer a smoking experience without the health associated side effects; an area that has been raised as a concern due to people, primarily the younger generation, simply wanting to look cool with an e-cig in hand.

The Costs

Anything up to 80% cheaper than regular cigarettes, they are clearly a considerably cheaper option when compared to the real thing. What’s more, each filter is equivalent to the use of up to 40 cigarettes, so your money will most certainly stay in your pocket for longer when using e-cigs in comparison to regular cigarettes.

The Benefits as a Smoking Alternative

VIP Electronic Cigarettes list a number of benefits to the use of e-cigs as an alternative to smoking, including the following;

  • They have been designed with a smoker’s needs in mind, giving off a vapour that resembles real smoke to create the illusion of smoking a normal cigarette.
  • Offer the nicotine hit desired by smokers without the other effects.
  • Offer a more environmentally friendly solution.
  • Leave no ash or cigarette butts, as well as avoiding the smell and passive smoking associated with the real thing.

The Concerns

There are however a few concerns that have been raised regarding the use of e-cigarettes, including the following;

  • Lack of quality control standards in their production, which could have an impact and potentially harm the end user. The United Nations Health Body has expressed how they feel greater safety checks are required before they are made available for sale.
  • The use of liquid nicotine is a health concern as it can be harmful when ingested.
  • Could encourage young non-smokers to see it as a ‘cool’ thing to do rather than be an alternative to smoking for smokers, which is the main aim.

The debate surrounding the use of e-cigarettes is likely to rage on for some time to come, with people backing them for their ability to help smokers quit the habit whilst others question the associated health implications. What are your thoughts on vaping and e-cigs? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with VIP Electronic Cigarettes; one of the UK’s largest suppliers of e-cigs, offering a wide variety of flavours and electronic cigarette designs.