Essential Vitamins And Minerals When Gaining Muscle

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If you’re seeking a bulkier physique, you know how important weight training is. While you’ll gain most of your muscles from exercising on a regular basis, there are ways to boost your mass building ability. Specifically, you can consume supplements which are designed to help build muscle and/or assist with your exercise regime. If you’re striving to achieve a fully muscled body, make sure to include the following vitamins and minerals in your diet.


1. Fish Oil



When it comes to natural supplements, nothing quite beats fish oil for boosting muscle mass. The vitamins and minerals in this substance help your body:

  • Increase growth hormone levels
  • Improve anti-inflammatory ability
  • Boost concentration and focus
  • Enhance overall energy levels

We’d recommend taking this substance to those thinking about building up muscle in the future. Fish oil greatly improves your physical ability to put on extra mass thanks to its combination of body-boosting natural ingredients. This is an essential addition whether you’re just starting off at the gym or you’re a professional bodybuilder.



2. B Vitamins


These substances are another useful addition for those seeking extra muscle since they improve energy production and aid muscle recovery. They can be found in several forms, including:

  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Pyridoxine

They are useful natural substances that supplement the bodybuilder’s diet, improving their ability to create and maintain more bulk in the future.


3. Protein



Since muscle is basically protein, boosting its mass means getting that protein from an external source. While you can eat a lot of meat after each workout, this is highly inefficient. Instead, we’d recommend using a widely recognised protein supplement. The brand Optimum Nutrition has 100 Whey Gold Standard protein powders which are formulated to boost muscle mass in an optimal manner. These products contain different blends of protein isolates: substances aimed at increasing bulk in rapid time.


4. Manganese


This mineral increases your body’s ability to create energy from the food you consume. In particular, manganese assists with both protein and carbohydrate metabolic rates, boosting them so you can then gain more benefits from your diet. It also allows you to take the amino acids from the protein you eat and turn this into muscle in a more efficient manner.


5. Zinc



When it comes to bulking up, you have to realise that this is involves hundreds of individual enzymatic processes. These need to be boosted to gain weight in the best manner. Zinc is one of the top mineral supplements for this purpose as it speeds up the production of essential enzymes such as:


  • Insulin
  • Testosterone
  • Leptin


Basically, this is a mineral that will help your body produce the hormones it needs for growth. Zinc is an essential cofactor in so many muscle building processes that it really is a vital part of any bodybuilder’s diet. Without it, you won’t have the edge needed to bulk up rapidly.


6. Iron



Our last essential mineral for weight gain is iron as it assists in oxygen transportation to your muscles. The more iron you eat, the higher the concentrations of oxygen your blood provides, and the faster your muscles can grow. It’s also important for athletes experiencing blood loss as a result of menstruation, vessel ruptures, etc. If you’re working out while on your period or after you’ve struck your foot against a hard surface, you will need to supplement your iron intake to counter the effects of any blood loss.


These six health supplements will help you gain an extra edge when it comes to rapidly building up muscle. If you aim to bulk up, you’ll definitely need these in your regular diet.




Author Bio:

Audrey Smith is a freelance writer for G C Protein, a company in Australia that offers a wide selection of protein powders and weight loss supplements. Their website features their products, including the Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Gold Standard.