Exercise Is The Key To Healthy Life At An Old Age!



What are the first few things that strike you, when you think of “old age”? Probably, you may think of limited mobility, weakness in the muscles and less flexible body. This is an absolutely, wrong notion that most of the people have! It has been proved that old-aged people with active lifestyle are healthier than the people, who are 20 years younger than them.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is through exercise. Medically, it has been proven that adequate exercise reduces the risk of many fatal diseases. Let us walk you through few of the reasons why I am emphasizing on doing regular exercise.


Benefits of exercise

Put on your bone strength and keep away osteoporosis!

If you are less active in your old age, then be ready to be attacked by Osteoporosis very soon. This disease is very common at old age, and affects the bone density. Your bone becomes weaker and tends to fracture easily, upon a light fall. However, exercise strengthens the bone by adding on the density.

Be independent and say No to any kind of support!

An old adult tend to lose balance, while walking or standing. Often the people around, consider the old people to be burden, as they face difficulty in moving without any support. You can be, however, self dependent! The only key to independence at this age is exercise. It will give you the capability of undertaking your own activities.

Increases your metabolism rate

Why does one become flabby at an old age? It is purely because of being less active, which reduces the muscle mass and thereby, metabolism rate deteriorates. Exercising will increase the muscle mass and in turn metabolism rate will increase to burn the fat.

Forget the depressing thoughts!

Depressed? Exercise could be a very good reason of boosting up your mood. Depression is a major reason of stimulating diseases, which can be overcome by exercising.

Have a healthy heart!

Exercise helps in keeping your cardiovascular system flexible, without any blockage and it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Enjoy your social community!

Exercising also becomes an excuse to develop new friendship, and form a bigger social circle of friends. People share ideas and they keep themselves occupied, who otherwise might not have an idea to leave their homes.


Ideal activities to get started with

Are you a kind of person, who finds exercise to be a chore? It will not be, if you find an appealing physical activity, to get started with. Here are few of them:

¨     Nothing can be better than walking, which is why it is at the top of our list! You can take your dog for a walk or walk to the shop to buy newspaper.

¨     Swimming is an exercise that will serve most of the purpose of exercising—right from burning unwanted fats to sound sleep.

¨     It is fun to go for aqua aerobics class, which is becoming extensively popular among the old age group of people.

¨     What can be more pleasing than gardening! You will not only beautify a particular area of your house, but also keep your body and mind in a good state.

The prevailing feel of “old” image will no more exist, if you make up your mind to workout regularly. Enjoy the activity of your choice. Live a healthier and a younger life than your age.



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