Exercise Using Your Office Equipments – Get Fit Even At The Office


A lot of office workers are getting fat. Well, that’s not surprising. It is really fattening to sit down in front of your desk for nearly 10 hours. It is fattening not to flex muscles most days of the week. But can’t you do anything about it? I’m sure you can.

In this article, I will show you some great tips on how you can exercise even in your own office. Are you ready to get fit?

The Desk. You need to stand in front of your desk. While doing so, raise your heels. Use your desk for balance. With the help of your desk, you are already doing calf raises. Calf raises is a good leg workout. You can build your lower leg muscles by doing this.

The Chair. Your office chair can be a great workout equipment, most especially if you have one on wheels. If you have an office chair with wheels, you can push and pull it slowly. That’s going to do good for your arms.

While sitting, you can lift your leg slowly and hold it for 30 seconds up to a minute. Do the same for the other leg.

Water Tumbler or Bottle. Your water tumbler or bottle is a great alternative for dumbbells. You can do variety of exercises which can improve your cardiovascular system, bone health and muscular endurance.   

The Thick Documents. Your thick documents can serve as another workout tool as well. Properly lift your documents to experience a lot of benefits. If you practice lifting, you are decreasing the chances of getting injury.  And did you know that lifting can even reduce the risk of having heart diseases? Instead of getting furious over the piles of reports, be happy that you have an alternative apparatus for lifting.

Also, you might want to regularly do the following tips below. You have to admit, it is very hard to squeeze exercising if you are working in the office. So if you have the chance, grab it!

Have a chair – less meeting. Use this opportunity to stand up. If you are in a meeting, ask your group to stand while brainstorming. Prior to the meeting, you can pull out the chairs from the conference room. That’s another way of exercising too.  

Go from one cubicle to another. Instead of just sitting on your chair during breaks, why don’t you try to be a bit sociable? Roam around the office and say hi to your colleagues. It’s improving your health and your social life as well.

Ditch the elevators. Stop being a lazy machine. If you’re just in the lower floors of your building, why don’t you use the stairs? Or if you are in the upper floors, don’t go out in your office’s floor. Go down 3 floors before that and maximize the stairs.

Don’t say that you didn’t have time for exercise. You just need to be creative and resourceful. Use whatever you have in your office in order to flex those muscles. Of course, it’s not the same if you regularly run or visit the gym. But it’s better than doing nothing.


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