Exercises For Killer Biceps!



Building biceps is a time consuming process. It is very common to every gym. Nearly every member looks on his or her biceps every now and then! But significantly, building biceps are too slow. The main reason of it is – the lack of concentration. Like other muscles, biceps have own exercises. If you want to build killer biceps, then you must try something special. You need to perform specialized exercises for your biceps.  Here are some power exercises for your killer biceps –


Barbell Curls: it is one of the best exercises for great biceps. It is a form of isolation exercise. Isolation exercise means – dedicated or separated exercise for group of muscles. Usually, in weight training, exercises can be classified under two categories. They are – isolated exercise and compound exercises. Isolated exercise also described earlier, whereas the name suggests – compound exercise means exercise for several/multiple muscle groups. However, barbell curl is a perfect isolated exercise for building great biceps. It is a perfect exercise for biceps as well as forearms. If you want to increase your biceps few inches in a year, then it is recommended that, you must do barbell curls with heavy weight (according to your instructor’s preferences).



Dumbbell Curl: there are numbers of dumbbell curls variations available, but for biceps, the most powerful isolated dumbbell curl is – decline dumbbell curl. It not only build strong biceps, it also improves the shoulders too!  Apart from the declined dumbbell curl, another variation of dumbbell curls also pretty much useful for biceps. It is called – hammer dumbbell curls. The exercise is simple – push the dumbbell like a hammer but with predefined weights along with the right posture.


Preacher Curls: it can be performed through a dumbbell/barbell. Alternatively, now a day, in some multi functional equipments also comes with string attached to handle and weight, so that you can do this with a machine. However, whatever is available in your gym/health club, you can practice that. Because without Preacher curls, the bicep exercise can’t be complete.

Chin-up/Chins: Frankly speaking – chin-up is a part of strength training, but it is frequently used in weight training due to its effectiveness. It is a very simple yet powerful exercise. It not only improves your biceps, it’s also effective for improving the power of your upper body parts.


Dumbbell Concentration Curls: Hopefully, this is one of the most important and vital exercises for the biceps. It is very common to every gym; students are suffering from round biceps. That is – the shape of his/her biceps are round alike. The main reason of it is – improper exercise for the biceps! And the only solution is Dumbbell Concentration Curls. It not only gives the proper shape of your biceps magically, but also ensures a long and big biceps.


Finally, while you’re doing your exercise, keep in mind that, always take care about the right amount of weight and perform every exercise with supervision of your instructor to eliminate any kind of injuries.