Exercises That Make You Better In Bed o_0


Yes Gym Flow 100 took it there!!! One reason a lot of guys and girls start working out is pretty simple: they want to look good to the opposite sex. It’s another classic example that getting laid is ultimately the motivation for about 90% of stuff that guys do at-least. While working out to look good (curls for the girls, more plates more dates, squats to look hot) is a great motivator for some guys, you should also consider a few exercises that will have a direct impact on your performance in the bedroom.

Here are a few exercises below that should improve your hip thrusting motion in the ocean way to greatest in the bed room. The main thing is to focus on form first and learning the proper technique before you start adding  weights. Expect broken bed frames, pissed off roommates/neighbors, and more repeat customers.



1. Glute Bridge 


This exercise is like doing an air hump but in a nice controlled manner lol…. Once you are in the ready position, imagine Vida Guerra  is on top of you, press through your heels, contract your glutes and drive your hips up. Squeeze your butt  and then lower yourself back to the ground  in a controlled manner.

Try doing 3 sets of 15-20 reps three times/week. Once that’s too easy, add a 5 second hold at the top of each rep. When that’s no longer challenging you can add some weight so you start destroying bed frames.


2. Arnold Press


An Arnold Press is basically a dumbbell bicep curl to a shoulder press with rotation. It’ll give you stronger arms and shoulders when executed properly. I recommend 4 sets of 8-10 reps/arm in the gym.

How does this apply to us guys? Simple: replace the dumbbells with a girl. Now that your biceps are nice and strong, you’ll have no trouble curling the girl to bang her standing up. Hit the gym hard before attempting this next level maneuver!


3. Pushup Position Plank


Chicks dig abs and if you are going to bone like a champ you are going to need some core strength. Fortunately this one is pretty simple; get in a pushup position and hold it for a minute (or more if you’re a badass). Repeat 3 times and you’ll acquire some strong and shapely abs (plus tricep and shoulder endurance) that’ll give you some much needed core strength to get the job done in the sack. To get the most out of this plank variation, flex your core, keep your back flat, and whatever you do, don’t let your hips sag. You’ll be able to let your hips drop in the bedroom, but keep ’em up here.




4. Farmer’s Walk


Have you ever faced a paralyzing forearm cramp? It’s a pretty terrible experience if the girl is really into it and you are unable to continue because your fingers and forearm muscles let you and her down. To avoid this shame, hit up some Farmer’s Walks. Just grab two heavy ass dumbbells and hold them at your side. Then walk as far as you can with proper posture (chest up, shoulder blades retracted) before your grip gives out. It’s one of the best ways to build overall grip/man strength. Hit up 3 sets twice a week and you’ll never be shamed in this department again.

5. Squats


Doing squats, a lot of muscles are put to work producing greater amount of hormones, which in turn will boost your sex drive. They improve one’s strength and stamina of gluteus muscles and the upper legs thereby helping to improve one’s performance. Doing squats also helps one achieve a firm and attractive bottom.


via Bro Bible