Exercises That Will Help You Get A Firm Butt (Video)



As a woman, you need to keep fit. That is something that you learn at a very young age. With years, things just won’t continue defying gravity after a while without your help. The best help you can get for those parts that just won’t stay up on their own anymore is proper exercise.

That is just what I do for my behind. I like wearing tight jeans and skirts and none of those look flattering without a firm behind. I tried many things, but this is a combination of exercises that I do as a part of my daily routine that I managed to establish, and one that keeps my behind toned and firm. You don’t need any fancy equipment or machines to do these as you can do them all at home.



Good, old squats will define your behind and your thighs. You need to do them properly in order to prevent injuries. Place your feet wide apart, stretch your arms in front of you and pretend like you are trying to sit on a chair behind you. Your knees should now be moving forward more than a couple of inches from your ankle line. Lower your behind until you reach a point where your lower legs and your thighs are under 90 degrees.



Make sure your body is straight and your hands are on your hips. From the standing position, step forward and fall into a lunge, trying to push down to the ground with the knee of the leg that is left behind. The knee of the leg that is stepping forward should never go over the ankle line. Bring the leg back and step forward with the other one. You can do this exercise by stepping backwards as well.


Back Kick

Go down on your elbows and your knees. Lift one leg from the floor and swing it back, so that your foot faces the ceiling. Your leg should be bent in your knee at 90 degrees. You will feel your glutes flexing. Repeat as many times as you can and when you finish with your last kick, hold the leg up for a while and try to make at least five short kicks without lowering your leg. Repeat with the other leg



Lay on your back and flex your knees so that your feet touch the floor. Keep your arms on the sides of your body. Relying on your shoulders, try to lift your hips as far up in the air as you can. Hold for a couple of seconds and then lower them back on the ground.

All these can be done as many times as you can. I try to start with lower number of repetitions and then work my way up. Of course, it is very important that you warm up properly as well as to stretch accordingly when working your behind. Also, if you really want it firm, do some exercises for your back muscles and hamstrings as they will help your behind look better.



Author Bio:

Lily is an Aussie girl, fitness freak, a blogger, and a mother who enjoys tasting fine food and drinks with her husband, especially when they can get good deals in restaurants in Australia, and when the food won’t make her feel too bloated and negate a weeks worth of workouts.