Explosive SHOULDER Workout: How to Train Shoulders Explosively!


This is a good shoulder exercise, a very nice routine to shock the system to get results.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to train your shoulders explosively without having to compromise your shoulder workout due to shoulder pain. Last week, I showed you how the barbell landmine overhead shoulder press can help you to overcome pain that you may experience when doing traditional dumbbell shoulder raises. This week, we take it to an entirely new level with the explosive and dynamic version of this exercise.

In this athletic movement, you are able to not only workout your shoulders but also train lower body footwork, agility and quickness…incorporate Olympic lifting components like the one arm snatch exercise, and even develop your hand dexterity with the switching of the bar at the top of the move.

This is what training like an athlete is all about. Say goodbye to one dimensional training and say hello to what is known as ATHLEAN-X training.

You can substitute out any dumbbell shoulder presses or rotational dumbbell shoulder presses that you may be doing in your shoulder workouts and use this variation instead. Remember to work both sides to get even shoulder development and to maximize your upper body explosiveness!


via Athlean