Family Says Fish Oil Woke Son From A Coma After He Was Run Over By Car (Video)


A California teenager left dead after a horrifying hit and run made a miraculous recovery – and his family says fish oil saved his life. Grant Virgin’s long road to recovery began in September 2012 after he was run over by a car. He was clinically dead until paramedics revived him – but he suffered severe brain damage. The now-17-year-old also suffered a torn aorta, skull fractures and bleeding on the brain, and bone and spine fractures, the Virgin family told CNN. Doctors said he would likely not survive through the night. Grant underwent multiple surgeries to stabilize his body, but he remained in a coma with severe brain damage. That’s when a friend suggested the Virgins try progesterone, an unorthodox treatment associated with reduced inflammation in the brain and improved brain function. Grant’s parents started rubbing progesterone cream onto their son. Soon after, JJ says, he woke up and began speaking simple words and phrases: “Let’s go” or “I love you”, repeated over and over. Heartened, the Virgins thought fish oil might help speed his recovery after learning that the brain’s cell wall is partly comprised of the same omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is what the Virgin family believes ultimately — dramatically — altered his life course, and healed his brain.