Fast Weight Loss Plan – The Healthiest Way To Lose Weight Fast


There are a lot of people who look forward to lose their weight by counting the calories. It has been noticed that weight loss method attracts women more than men. Weight loss success and the long term strategy completely depends a lot on the type of personality you have. First of all our body weight is determined by the amount of energy that we take in as food and the amount of energy we spend on the activities of our day.

All women desire beauty. Women need a perfect body shape and attractiveness so they get their interest in having different weight loss treatments. Females especially do not take their weight into serious account but blindly follows different weight loss programs. And the main culprit of this is the universal weight loss advertisements. Some slimming companies use advertising as a tool to inculcate the people how they can lose their weight fast. Losing your weight fast is not a healthy thing because the faster you lose, the faster you’ll gain back. Because of these same reasons fast weight loss is considered unhealthy; diet fast and lose muscle not fat, lose water not fat, cause diet shock, make no lifestyle changes, fail at long-term weight loss.

Losing weight if obese can lead to a healthier life. Health should be a principle concern in all stages of life. But, if planned properly, you can lose weight fast in a short time period. A faster weight loss diet actually reduces the required water of your body in excess amount, which is unhealthy. This will weaken your body and your health will affect badly. “Health is Wealth”, we know that losing weight is a big challenge and we also know that we cannot do it overnight. So, before starting those unhealthy diet plans, you must know their drawbacks as well. To avoid this, Go to a diet plan and ask him/her about good and a healthy diet program.

Healthiest Fast Weight Lose Plan:

A healthy weight loss plan not only not only builds a momentum, but also delivers you small successes everyday through which you can reach your targeted goals. This plan, at the end of time, avoids the deflation and lack of motivation. Here is the 6 week plan;

1ST WEEK (Part 1): Take a protein shake having a mixture of whey to casein proteins weighed equally between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. (Part 2): Start an exercise program involving stretching of major muscles like legs, arms etc. Exercise causes calories to burn more at rest. Walk 40mins daily.

2ND WEEK: Replace half of a meal with the same protein shake this whole week.

3RD WEEK: Replace 1 whole meal with a protein shake. Change the equally weighed mixture of 60% whey and 40% casein proteins. This will reduce about 500 calories.

4TH WEEK: Replace another meal by ½ by adding a second protein shake with the same 60:40 mixture.

5TH WEEK: Repeat week four.

6TH WEEK: Stop drinking the second shake.

RESULT: You will lose 12 to 18 pounds in 6 weeks, if you follow this healthy diet plan.