Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder Review

Do you even lift? Fat Gripz is the ultimate grips for lifting!

If you are trying to achieve stronger upper body strength, Fat Gripz might have the solution for you. The experts at Fat Gripz have acknowledged that there are two areas that are frequently overlooked, ignored or just simply not properly trained during your workout sessions. Now, when these two areas are not in proportion, they will restrict strength or power gains to the rest of your upper body.

The most efficient way of developing the upper body is to work for strength that is ‘proportional’ for your entire body. Strength that is proportional will help you out the most. That is the theory believed by Fat Gripz. If your grips and forearms are weak, they will create what is known as the “bottle neck effect” for the rest of the body’s lifting potential. This means that the rest of your body may not be able to lift more weight than it presently is at because of your weak forearms and grips.

Fat Gripz is the best partner for your gym experience.

If you want to develop the functional grip and forearm strength, then in place of the standard one-inch barbell or the dumbbell you must use a thick bar that is two-and-a quarter inches in diameter. Bars that are thick cannot be held easily as this requires greater activation of the muscle in the forearms and hands for the maintenance of grip. No matter how effective they are, they are seldom found in your local gym and are expensive too. Go for Fat Gripz. The experts here at Fat Gripz have designed and developed rubber grips that are high-density and that can be enclosed around any standard dumbbell or barbell. These rubber grips provide everyone access to training with thick bars. One can instantly feel the quality of the rubber grip by holding the Fat Gripz. These are so hard that they can easily simulate a genuine thick bar, while also being flexible enough that they can easily slip over an existing bar. They may require additional exertion to fit appropriately on select dumbbells, but they can fit easily on barbells. The grip they provide is quite helpful for performing exercises of the arm like Triceps Extensions and Dumbbell Curls. They also help in pulling exercises like Barbell Bent-over Rows and Pull-ups.

Athletes may experience burning in their forearms during each exercise and may also feel like they are struggling to maintain a grip towards the end of their sessions. But, after using Fat Gripz for a month they will start noticing greater development of muscle in their forearms. Now they will be able to add reps and weight greater than ever before, without any grip or forearm fatigue. The main drawback can be that you may find it difficult to hold on to Fat Gripz when you are sweating. And perhaps the fatigue you feel in your forearms and grip can limit the number of reps you carry out. This will in turn decrease the work that the targeted muscle performs.


Fat Gripz are an efficient as well as inexpensive technique for building grip and forearm strength which results in proportional power of the upper body. Nonetheless, if you want to be sure of the efficiency of your training you must carry out diverse workouts and should not count on just one routine or a single product.


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