Few Dents In Those Cellulite Theories

Cellulite has always been an aesthetic concern for women in our contemporary society, but even so, the anti-cellulite industry faces a lot of success considering that ladies are willing to go to extreme lengths to have perfect thighs. We spend a fortune on various treatments that are supposed to help us get rid of cellulite, but why don’t we take a moment to reflect on the causes that lead to this condition? In the following rows, you are presented 4 theories meant to explain this problem.


Cellulite is fat

Numerous cellulite specialists pretend that cellulite is nothing else but fat. Actually, when the word became part of the American dictionary, more specifically during the seventies, those who were investigating this condition named it the “so-called cellulite”. This happened because in their opinion, cellulite was fat. Therefore, the rational treatment was to convince people to lose weight, because that’s what you do when you wish to get rid of unwanted fat. So, if cellulite is fat, it means that if you lose weight, you will also eliminate cellulite. However, we see cellulite in thin women every day so the theory is not entirely accurate.

The main cause for cellulite is our eating plan. We can be skinny but if we eat junk food and drink sodas we will develop cellulite because of all the toxins that will be deposited on the skin tissues.

1.      Cellulite is hereditary

Specialists mention this theory frequently, but they never offer reasonable arguments. Some consider that the skin’s thickness represents an inborn factor. Over the years, dermatologists have pretended that they can forecast cellulite from birth with the help of a small amount of collagen fibers harvested through a skin biopsy of the newborn. But since 90% of women are dealing with cellulite, is her prediction a valid one? Those who support the hereditary theory related to cellulite state that women don’t have too many possibilities to get rid of this condition. Cellulite is regarded by them as a natural characteristic of women, so they say that you just have to accept it. This might sound rational, but even so we see beautiful women on the streets with no cellulite.


Hormonal imbalance can lead to cellulite

It appears that there is a strong connection between estrogen and cellulite. Numerous women observe a modification in their cellulite after they get pregnant or when they breastfeed their infants. And sometimes, this modification means improvement. When it comes to men, they seldom deal with cellulite. This happens only in particular cases when they get estrogen therapy in order to treat prostate cancer. In case you agree with this theory, the most efficient treatment you can opt for is hormonal balance.

2.      A lazy lymphatic system can cause cellulite

The lymphatic system is frequently considered a circulatory system of the human body. Blood transports various nutrients and oxygen to all the cells that are found in our body, whereas lymph has to remove the metabolic debris. Besides, it also removes other substances, including toxins and bacteria, which can’t be digested by our body. The lymph theory related to cellulite explains that the lymph system becomes lazy when there is excessive metabolic debris, so it starts accumulating it in fat deposits that are found under the skin. This means that this lymphatic overcrowding causes cellulite.

 cellulite 2

Our lifestyle can trigger as well as eradicate cellulite

However, these are scientific theories and according to them, there is not much we can do in order to prevent the appearance of cellulite. But there are also some lifestyle factors that influence the development of this condition, and the good thing is that we can control some of them. These factors include smoking, insufficient physical exercise, alcoholic beverages, chemical preservatives, the aging process, additives found in aliments, too much sugar, as well as fat intake. The truth is that aging represents a really significant factor, as cellulite develops faster as we grow older. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop time, but if we take care of other factors, we can diminish the awful effects of the aging process.

Most cellulite-diminution treatments comprise strict diets, a wide variety of lotions, as well as creams, and massage treatments. You can even opt for Plastic surgery treatment to get rid of cellulite. Otherwise, consuming healthy foods, and by working out as often as you can lead to a quick enhancement of the aspect of your skin, and you can even get rid of cellulite forever.