Fit Competitive Eater Fails Epic 7,000 Calorie Food Challenge (Video)

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Adam Morans takes on the Longhorns BBQ house eating challenge.¬†Adam¬†spends two hours a day in the gym to keep slim is defeated by 7,000 calorie meat feast after being left with a single cup of beans Challengers have to eat plate of meat, chips and chilli in under an hour. No one has yet managed to complete the huge task at Newcastle diner 11-stone Yorkshireman comes close – but can’t finish a cup of beans. He’s hoping to travel to the US to take part in televised eating contests.

ADAM MORAN’S eating challenge at the Longhorns BBQ house in Newcastle proves too much as he fails to finish final pot of beans. ITS beaten hundreds of challengers, and was even too much to stomach for top professional eater Randy Santel, who fell sort by a single spare-rib.

But now the gut-busting Breaking Badass meat feast challenge has defeated yet another contender, as 29-year-old competitive eater Adam Moran, aka Man Meats Beard, failed to finish the 7000 calorie platter.

Adam, from Leeds, Yorkshire, travelled across the country to face the Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse challenge in Newcastle, which saw him attempt to munch his way through brisket, beef rib, hog butt, a rack of pork ribs, Andouille sausage, chicken wings, three bean chili, coleslaw and brioche bun.

But despite being hotly tipped to one up his American rival Randy Santel, who lost the contest twice, he was no match for the undefeated challenge, as he failed to gorge on the 7lb meat banquet within the allotted time.

He may have conquered more than 20 eating challenges across the country, but after going down to the wire, the 35 contest which must be completed within an hour proved just a pot of beans too far for Adam.

via Daily Record