Fitness Bingo: A Fun Way To Keep Yourself Fit


Whoever said that getting fit is tedious and boring obviously hasn’t heard about fitness bingo yet.

The classic game of bingo has always been a great way to pass the time. Everyone plays it: schools, homes, churches, and even in companies during Christmas parties. Bingo is a very flexible game, as it can be customized according to one’s needs. An example of a customized bingo game is fitness bingo, which is an exercise regimen that encourages people to stay in shape.

Using bingo as a medium to reach out and appeal to wider audience isn’t something new. With the online bingo industry in the UK now becoming worth upwards of $557 million a year, even sportsbooker Betfair has seen it fit to enter the fray, launching their online bingo portal in 2013. Bingo has also been used by the National Health Service (NHS) to promote better eating habits and food safety.

There are a lot of fitness bingos on the net but the one spearheaded by Mount St. Mary University seems to be the most encouraging and healthy. The game encourages people to actually complete exercises in order to win, and persuades them to take part in campus walks that promotes community familiarization. The venue for fitness bingo venues doesn’t necessarily have to be in a campus, though. You just need to find a place where you can walk comfortably and breathe in fresh air.

The rules are simple: all you have to do is to complete the prescribed exercises in the boxes using a bingo pattern. The patterns can be diagonal, horizontal, or, if you’re up for a challenge, you can also do the blackout bingo pattern. Doing fitness bingo with a friend (or a group of friends) will be so much better than doing it alone. Giving a reward to the person who will complete the set of exercises first in a given pattern will also encourage everyone to participate in fitness bingo often.

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