Fitness is the Way to Live Better

Fitness is one of the most important things in daily lives of human. Being fit is essential both for physical

and mental health of humans. Fitness can be achieved through a number of ways. The most common way is to do physical exercises. They are one of the best options. The best way to do exercises is early morning. One can go for morning walks. If the person is young, he can also opt for running. Freehand exercises can also be done if one doesn’t like moving a lot. Furthermore, one can also opt for Yoga.




Yoga is one of the best ways to stay fit. It is the old Indian methodology coming down from the Vedic Age, but it can be done by one and all. The main things in yoga are exercises called Asanas. The word “Yoga “is a Sanskrit word which means “To add “. In Hindu philosophy, the meaning of Yoga is much bigger than mere health exercises. But for the common man, it is limited to that. One of the basic asana is the “Padmasana “. In English, it is known as the “Lotus Position “. It is the most important asana as it is required for meditation in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religion. All the great Gods and Saints sit and meditate in this position. Another great asana to do but is one of the most complex is the Shirshasana. In this posture, one has to remain upside down with the head on the floor and the legs up in air.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is another great method of staying fit. There are mainly three types of exercise-Flexibility, Aerobic and Anaerobic. Flexibility exercises involve stretching the body and are very good for muscles. Aerobic exercises are those involving low intensity. They are the comfortable exercises. Anaerobic exercises are exercises of greater intensity and they trigger lactic acid fermentation. Physical exercises are a daily part of all sporting events.


Running is one of the oldest exercises out there. It is one of the simplest as well. In running, the legs are straight most of the time. Humans invented running in the first stages of humanity. It was used primarily for hunting, but in today’s world, it has become a great sporting event and also a great way to stay fit.

Body Massage

Body Massage also a kind of  an excises which keep a man or woman healthy. It is provided by verious massage parlour all over world like Tantric Massage Orange County. Tantric massage one of that kind of body massage. Through this massage any man or woman  feel more lifely. It keep your fitness better and also a good choice for mental peace.


Fitness has been and will always remain a primary requirement for human beings. Without a fit body, diseases will start to appear and one will be unable to work. In today’s world, there are many mechanized ways to stay fit by using machines in the gym. There is high tech machines which makes staying fit very easy. But the best way to stay fit is to be in the presence of nature. Human beings have originated from nature, and thus they will remain the best in nature. There is no alternative of clean air and the first rays of the sun. It is the best thing. It is the place to be.