Fitness Jobs On The Rise


The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that employment in the fitness industry will increase faster than average until 2016. This can be contributed to a lot of things. One is the aging baby boomer population becoming more interested in health and fitness with money to buy equipment, gym memberships and supplements.

The fitness industry jobs are predicted to grow because of these factors. Personal trainers like Tracy Anderson and group fitness instructors, consistently rank as some of the most happy workers with their jobs. Liking your job is one of the most important things in determining if you stick with your job and likelihoods of advancement, and others joining your profession.

There’s also a great need for wellness coaches in corporations and health insurance companies so employees don’t give up on fitness goals. Evidence has been shown that a healthy lifestyle enhances the productivity of employees making it so companies are hiring these professionals for the convince of their employees. This field covers everything from medical healthcare to consumer wellness such as trainers and health coaches.

Healthy People are more productive 

Change your perception on being healthy. The largest obstacle to getting fit is time and attitude, especially for those working full-time, with children or working and going to school, but it’s really just a matter of prioritizing your health and finding time to be active.

Calendar your workout like any other health appointment your would make with your doctor. Make your workout times when you’re always available so you can be consistent. Set goals and stay motivated in your fitness.

Maybe it’s time to turn off that iPhone when you leave work. After all, mental health is just as important as your physical health.

The healthcare and fitness fields of work are booming. If you are looking to start a career you should at-least consider going into one of these fields that look to grow rapidly in the future. The research says you will enjoy your job and have higher likelihood of advancement and retention at your job.



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