Five Apps To Help You Get Fit

Five Apps To Help You Get Fit


Are you going to the gym or trying to lose wight but need a little extra support? Here are some apps that can make reaching your goals easier and even fun. All of these apps are approved by the Fit Athletic Club and many gyms in Houston, so you know you can trust them.


GAIN Fitness

GAIN Fitness allows you to set and schedule routines for exercising at home or at the gym, with or without weights or other equipment. It plays audio and video as you work out, guiding you through reps as you go. The app comes with a balanced set of exercises but for those looking for more, additional videos can be purchased in packs for $2.99.


Coach Alba

Do you need someone to talk you out of eating that fine looking dessert? Than you need Couch Alba. This app is a text-messaging robot that you can message when you have a sudden craving for sweets or you can set it so that the app sends you periodic messages throughout the day reminding you to stick to your diet.



The Nike+ app uses GPS to track your distance, pace, time, and even calories burned while running. The app also has a fun audio feedback feature that cheers every time one of your Facebook or Path (another social network) “likes” your noted posts about your run. Perfect for some extra encouragement.



Do you have trouble finding motivation to go to the gym? Would you like some healthy competition? Fitocracy uses a game-like stats system to spur competition and encourages social interaction among other users. Find support from fellow Fitocracy users when you post a status about how your workout went or why you skipped your trip to the gym. There are also plenty of resources and tips on how to make the most of your workout.


Lose It!

Lose It! has been a website and a supportive community for years and now it can go with you as an app. The Lose It! app is designed to count the calories you eat, and even knows the calorie amount of many popular American name-brand foods. You can also track your exercises and the amount of calories you’ve burned. Many people love Lose It! because fellow Lose It! users are very supportive and help you stick to your goals.