Five Fun Ways to Get a Workout Outdoors this Winter

Five Fun Ways to Get a Workout Outdoors this Winter


 For those who spend most of the year, jogging, biking, or walking, the winter months can put a screeching halt to such activity. Of course you can always join a gym or run on a treadmill, but that doesn’t work for everyone. The benefits of the great outdoors still prove true in the winter months. Being outdoors can boost your mood, raise metabolism, and help prevent extra pounds. Also, receiving Vitamin D from the sun is essential to overall health. For those workout fanatics who crave fresh air and outdoors, there are quite a few different workouts you can try this winter.



For a fantastic, scenic, cardiovascular workout, strap on skis and hit the trail. Cross-country skiing is a workout that involves the whole body. You can burn more than 470 calories an hour. For those who enjoy running and biking, cross-country skiing may be just the outdoor challenge you are looking for.



Another excellent cardio workout is ice skating. This activity builds endurance and tones the lower body. Ice skating burns 250-810 calories and hour. It is also an activity the whole family can enjoy. Ice skating can actually be done outdoors or indoors so it is a great winter activity for anyone to try.



Feeling adventurous? Try snowboarding. This exciting sport is one of the best winter workouts. Snowboarders can burn 700 calories an hour and have fantastic legs. If you haven’t done this activity before, you’ll need to find the proper gear and a good helmet as it can prove to be a bit on the dangerous side. You’ll want to plan to try this activity a few time before deciding if it is for you because most people spend most of their first day falling on their rear end.



Find the sled, grab the kids and hit the hills. Climbing to the top of the hill incorporates cardio and muscle toning and can burn 400 calories an hour. If you spend your summers jogging on hills or running up and down stairs, this just might be the activity for you as you’ll be spending a majority of your time trudging up hill through the snow. Don’t forget the great fun of sledding down the hill!



For those who enjoy hiking through nature in the warmer months, snow shoeing can be a great winter activity. You may even be able to visit some of the same trails you visit during spring or summer. It’s not quite the same as your average hike thought and you’ll need a good pair of HJ Socks.  This can be great fun because you will see different types of plants, animals and nature during different seasons.


Winter is a great time to try new ways of exercise. Whether you go far or stay close to home, you can have fun burning calories and toning muscles. Soon, you will be sad that winter is coming to an end.

When deciding to be active outdoors, there are some elements to consider. First, make sure you have consulted your doctor. Exercising in the winter can be much more strenuous than during other seasons. Next, make sure you are properly dressed. Mayo Clinic advises that you dress in layers to prevent overheating during workouts. With the right equipment and the right attitude, you can have just as much fun getting a workout now matter what the season!