Five Home Relaxation Tips That Are Good For Your Heart

Five Home Relaxation Tips That Are Good For Your Heart


The science is clear: relaxation is not just an antidote to stress, it is heart healthy. When your body relaxes, your breathing and heart rate slow, which can lower blood pressure. This so-called ‘relaxation response’ has been studied for decades and is known to is known reduce stress, an underlying contributor of heart disease. If you establish relaxation as a routine practice, it can also reduce negative emotions, leaving you happier and more confident.

The best way to build relaxation into your life is to make sure you create space for it in the home. The following are five home relaxation tips that you can do in your own home.

Eat Mindfully

First, turn off the phone, turn off the television and turn off the computer. Make sure that you choose a quiet place to sit, without interruption. Then select a simple snack. The trick with this exercise is to eat slowly, with intentionality. Fully taste the food with all of your senses. As you eat, remind yourself to be grateful for all that you have.


There are many different forms of meditation, but they all involve one basic thing: breathing. The simplest technique is to take in a breath, hold it momentarily and then let it out as though you are sighing deeply. Feel your body relax into the breath. Let your shoulders drop down slightly and let your head and neck relax as you exhale. For maximum benefit, try this practice daily for fifteen minutes.


Some people use visualization as a way to relax. For this exercise, you must create an image of a calming place. This can be a place you have visited before or one that you wish to visit. Make sure that you can create this as an imagine in your head. Close your eyes and picture yourself in this special place. Gradually, explore this place using all of your senses: look, listen and feel. As you wander through the image, pay attention to your muscles, let them feel loose and relaxed.


Music is also a powerful way to relax. Make sure to select calming music, perhaps something classical. As you listen, try to feel absorbed by the rhythms. Imagine that you are giving yourself over to the music and let go of your thoughts. You will want to feel as though you are fully present for each note.


Finally, maybe it’s just best to just listen to John Lennon’s advice: “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.” If relaxation is what you need, it might be time to invest in a home spa. If you are looking for spa, just make sure that it is both customizable and upgradable. You will want to be in full control of your massage to achieve maximum benefit. One company that offers this is

Whatever you choose, just make certain it is something that you can do routinely. The best relaxation is something that you can enjoy as part of your everyday life. It’s the best remedy for the mind, body and spirit.