Five Tips to Get a Striking Waistline



Who else wants a striking waistline? I believe we all do! The most common complaint I hear from ladies in the fitting room is, “This shirt doesn’t give me a waistline!” Having a waistline is also my number one concern when I am trying out a top. I want to make sure my clothes are hugging my body and not swallowing me alive. If you are having the same concerns, here are five tips to having a healthy lifestyle and a slim waistline.

1. Wear fitted clothes. This sounds like a no-brainer but I know people who purposely go a size up because they are not confident and want to hide their belly fat. I also know people who think the direct opposite…wear clothes too tight for them. I am sure TLC’s Stacy and Clinton will agree with me on this one. Everyone has a different body shape. We see one size fits all products but c’mon, really?

2. Eat smaller portions. I love to eat. Did I mention I love to eat? Advising me to skip meals or only eat salad is like convincing me to jump off a bridge. Instead, I learned not to overeat — and to stick with smaller portions. Many of us eat not necessarily because we are hungry, but because we are bored or not satisfied with lunch. Eating 70% full prevents you from having belly fat, especially if you are sitting all day. Besides, nothing is worst than stuffing your face and having a food coma at work.

3. Get enough sleep. Let me tell you a short story. Emily is a night owl. She doesn’t sleep until 2:00 am. She works at a small company in New York City which requires an hour commute everyday. Emily wakes up at 5:00 to get ready, drinks 2 cups of coffee to stay awake, eats a full lunch to make up for breakfast and sits in front of a computer for another 5 hours… Emily can kiss her slim waistline goodbye if she continues this lifestyle. Sleep is as important as exercise. When you get enough sleep, you don’t need coffee also known as calories and you’ll have time to eat breakfast.

4. Hide your scale. Similar to not looking at your watch during work, hiding your bathroom scale lets you focus on your healthy lifestyle and not the numbers on the scale. Do the numbers really matter? Weighing 120 or 122 does not make a difference to me. Being confident and having a positive attitude outweighs the scale.

5. Do cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are fun! Zumba comes to mind whenever I think about cardio exercises. You burn calories and bust your move at the same time. Your excuse for not being able to find a Zumba class in New York City doesn’t work anymore because there’s a web app called Vimbly that lets you book a bunch. No more laziness!