Five Ways to Keep Fit in the Office

Improving your health is not a difficult task, but when you’re stuck in the office from 9 to 5 it suddenly becomes much trickier to find the time to stay in shape. From fatty pub lunches to being seated all day, there are a number of things seemingly designed to make it hard to stay in good shape. Here are some things you could change in order to get some exercise in and around the office.

1. – Change Your Journey to Work

One of the simplest ways to get a bit more exercise is simply to walk more often. If you drive to work, park further away – either down the road or at the far end of the car park, if that suffices. If you get the bus, think about getting off one stop earlier than usual, or if you already walk, consider jogging or cycling.

It’s a quick and easy fix, and getting a little cardio before and after work helps you to de-stress, ultimately helping you get to sleep more easily and thus improving your health all-round.

2. – Change Your Work Habits

Again with the walking! If you have to move to another floor, the easiest thing in the world is to wait for the lift. But instead of waiting a few minutes and then cramming into a cramped metal box with a horde of other people, why not take the stairs instead? Walking up stairs is easy, and is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. And it often takes less time than the lift!

Other ways you could walk more in the office involve offering to make the coffee for everyone, or to go and talk to a colleague instead of shooting off a quick but impersonal email. Try and get up every thirty minutes or so – it’s good for you and stops any cramping.

3. – Change Your Posture

Firstly, how are you sitting as you read this? My guess is that you’re slouching with your shoulders slumped. Ideally, you should be sitting erect, with your shoulders back. This will help with any back problems and should improve your posture overall.

Next, try some simple exercises at your desk. Do some stretches, such as rolling your head to stretch your neck, or roll your wrists and ankles. This can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and even deep vein thrombosis, so it’s worth a few minutes of your day.

4. – Change Your Eating Habits

I know the Friday pub lunch might be tempting, but you’d be much better off bringing in your own lunch. By being in charge of what you eat throughout the day, you can track your intake and eat more healthily, losing pounds from your weight whilst saving pounds from your bank account.

If you like to snack, bring in some fruit or cereal bars, and make sure to have a bottle of water by your side at all times – most people don’t drink enough of it, even though it’s good for you and helps suppress appetite.

5. – Change Your Colleagues!

Not literally change who you work with, of course, but rather change their habits, while you change yours. Organise a sports team for the office, or communal sessions at the local gym. There are even classes you can take whilst still at work, just avoid contact sports or there might be some medical claims involved!

By getting together and involving your colleagues, you might find the group morale makes it much easier for you and everyone else to keep fit without even leaving the office. Easy!


Author Bio:

Tom Rokins is a freelance writer who tries hard not to slouch at his desk. This article was written for