Food Components To Avoid During Weight Loss


Weight loss needs constant care in the food department as well as regular workout sessions. The popular way is to go on a diet plan. There is some food that needs to be avoided even if you are on a diet or not as these are unhealthy and should be avoided. To lose weight, rather than skipping meals or consuming weight loss shakes, you can eat a healthy diet that eliminates foods that contain excess calories, sugar and fat. Consuming these foods will not only contribute to weight gain but also can adversely affect your overall health.

Foods to avoid include processed meat (like sausage, hot dogs, bacon, pepperoni, and lunch meat), fried foods, regular soda, snack food, soup, condiments and refined grains. It will be easier to select your food if you know what kind of food components should be avoided. Following are the simpler components of food items that need to be avoided.

Weight loss is too much reliant on the type of diet you take in. How your body store fats is dependent on the type of food you eat. This was stated by Tina Sanders and Valerie Scanlon in the textbook, textbook “Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology”. Weight loss is different for every single person but still there are some basic food components to be avoided by all who are trying to lose weight.


Fried Foods:

Fried food such as French fries, fried veggies or may be fried meat is full of unhealthy fats, which leads to clogged arteries and make you obese and cause other problems for your health. This kind of food is high in Trans-fat and hydrogenated oil. The Trans-fat increases shelf life but it should be avoided during a diet plan. Fried food contains bad fats that cause increased cholesterol levels, uncontrolled blood sugar, heart disease and excess weight gain. Mostly the oils that are used to fry food have the type of fat that is stored by the body as excess. Frying food also takes away its nutritional value like that of possessed by vegetables and meat.


Simple Sugars:

The sugars or carbohydrates are of two types. These types are simple and complex. The classification of sugar is based on its molecular structure. Each type causes your metabolism and digestive system to act differently under its spell. Dr. Daniel G. Amen says in “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” that simple sugars cause immediate spike in insulin levels as they do not take long to break down.



If you want to lose weight then you need to keep yourself from sodium or say table salt. An average American must take in about 2,400 milligrams sodium each day. But most of the American people surpass this amount daily and resultantly affect their weight-loss efforts badly. More than the safe level intake of dietary can cause high-blood pressure and may also lead to loss of calcium. This will cause your body to store water which will make you feel stuffed. When trying to lose weight you must stay away from processed foods and sodium.