Food That will Energize You in a Healthy Way



The world today is so full of stress that we all have to give in a lot of effort to balance the professional and family life. We have very little time for sleep or leisure. However, in all this chaos of day-to-day stressed life, there are certain ways in which you can maintain a healthful life with nutrient-enriched diet. This is in order to stand against the daily fatigue and stress which the body needs to withstand. Some of the essential food items that will help to sustain the day are elaborated in the following lines.

It is Essential to Eat Healthy Food for Effective Weight Management

Sustained Energy Based Food:

The best food for sustained energy includes a wide range of food items from ‘high-fiber’ cereals dried beans, pastas and ‘whole-grain’ breads to starchy vegetables as they prolong the energy levels by taking longer time period for digestion at a consistent yet slow rate. These food items fall under the ‘complex’ carbohydrate category and have fiber as their content which is exactly what increases the digestion timing with slow rate of absorption. These ‘complex’ carbohydrates are also responsible for stabilizing the sugar level of your body, resulting in the production of less ‘insulin’ by the pancreas. Eventually, you are able to get over your feeling of hunger and remain satiated for a longer period of time.

Other healthful diet with high energy content is protein based food. Culinary dishes with pork, chicken, fish and turkey are among major high-protein food items. Vegetarians can opt for leguminous food items such as beans and lentils along with poly and mono saturated fats such as nuts, avocados and seeds.

You can also resort to fluids to gain energy. Water is a great source of energy as it reduces the levels of dehydration and helps in proper nutrient absorption and transportation and effective digestion process. You should try to consume at least eight glasses of water in one day.

If you cannot give time to purchase and cook all the above items, you can also purchase diet supplements such as Isagenix International which is on e the leading brands for healthy weight management.

Averting Harmful Food:

You should keep limitation on consumption of carbohydrates (simple). Normally, these ‘simple’ carbohydrates have the ability to break down easily and get absorbed by your body very fast. They include products like cookies, candies, juices and other sugar based beverages. They have the ability to provide energy for the first half to one hour. However, since their digestion does not take much time, that they cause slumping later on. Try to avert caffeine and alcohol based drinks. Since alcohol is mainly a depressant, it can bring down the ‘energy levels’ and caffeine may give an ‘energy burst’ for the first two hours but it will eventually lead to a crash.

Meals for ‘Sustained Energy”:

Most of the registered dieticians recommend that one should take three snacks and three whole meals in a single day. Also, you must never stay hungry for more than four hours. Too much hunger can result in overeating. When you set your meal menu, remember to take something from each of the food groups, knowing that high protein, fiber or fat based food will take more time for digestion.


Although, life may seem extremely hectic you need to make the right choices using your wisdom so that you get the required energy to carry out the day. Both your body and soul will give positive vibes.

Author’s Bio: James Pattrick is a proficient writer who has vast knowledge on healthy diet. He regularly contributes articles on diet for weight management.


Summary: You need energy to carry out the day’s activities- running around and tolerating work pressure. Here’s a list of food items that may help you to gain energy to last the day!