Food You Thought Was Healthy But Really Aren’t!


It often happens that you eat something based on your information of the food being healthy but later it turns out that you were misinformed. This happens because of the inappropriate and untrue advertising and misinformation that surrounds us in today’s society. The following is an article that will tell you which foods are not healthy and are only perceived as being healthy. It contains the expert opinion of  two registered dietitians;  Lauren Antonucci and Lisa Moskovitz of Nutrition Energy.



Protein Bars


We take them as healthful quick snacks, they fulfill our craving to eat something every now and then. Our experts are of the opinion that even though these bars are usually infused with vitamins and proteins and appear to be a healthy snack. They still contain a much larger amount of unwanted fat and calories.



Dried Fruit


You can easily bag a lot of calories when you are churning 100 calories per  ¼ cup of dried fruit. Its better to substitute them with fresh or may be frozen fruits they are a much healthier option. They are more full of fluids.





Be it a part of some recipe or plain yogurt, it is simply full of vitamin D and calcium. Some brands of yogurt contain fat and sugar, as much as that in a donut.





Margarine is an artificial competitor of the butter but it is the original that wins by far. Though the spreads have more calories but margarine contains more trans fats that raise cholesterol levels.



Fat-Reduced Peanut Butter


In these fat is being replaced by sugar. So these have the same amount of calories but more carbohydrates. Eat the original, may be less quantity but also less calories.



Bran Muffins


These are  our favorite coffee companions. A normal muffin contains above 400 calories and almost 15 grams of fat. Most of the calories come from the floor and the sugar. You do not need to completely give them up but replace for a low-fat version.



Fat-Free Salad Dressing


It can be bad for those who have a blood pressure problem. Just two tablespoons will give you about 500mg sodium that will raise your blood pressure. You should rather prepare your own customized salad dressing with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and seasonings like pepper, mustard and turmeric.



Turkey Burger


It is a common misconception that a turkey burger instead of a beaf burger will help you keep trim and slim. In reality, an average turkey burger have calories exceeding 600 calories and 30 grams fat-and that does not include the toppings and the bun. So do not consider the type of meat in your burger while ordering one instead reduce the part/size you eat, as all meat are fattening.





It is not that if a food item looks small then it is going to have less calories. Sushi rolls though look small and tightly packed they are loaded with calories that will surely increase your waist. One roll can have as many as 500 calories.