Foods For Belly Fat Trimming



Abs exercises may help to trim down your body and gives you good results but if you are in hurry to get a proper sexy shape back, following foods will help you to take your best chance. Fat is not your enemy you just have to choose the right ones at the right time.

Breakfast with a Healthy Start:

Low calories diet might help you to burn more fat from the body but what about dizziness and mood swings all day? Eating right things at the right time may help your metabolism to burn more calories without compromising with your food intakes. At breakfast choose low fat milk and plain oatmeal for a healthy start. It gives your stomach a cleansing effect and improves your metabolism. Sugar and starch makes your body dull throughout day. Breakfast should be healthy not heavy to make you sleep again.

Fruits As a Tonic:

Blueberries and grape fruits may help diminish belly fat. Researchers have discovered that they are healthiest starter for your day. You can use them in a frozen form too but remember that theses fruits contain large quantity of vitamins and iron so avoid taking any medicine after taking fruits. Take atleast one hour for any medication after drinking a fruit juice or smoothie.

Dry Fruits:

You think i am crazy but it has been proven by researchers that MUFA (monounsaturated fats) are a furtive element that helps burn away fat. I know that dry fruits contain large quantity of fat and calories but they give you a helping hand by burning bad fats from your body. Try to use 14 Almonds in the morning. It`s give you sharp mind and also proven to reduce fat near you belly area because of containing high fibre and protein.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as yogurt has a bacterial property which helps to regulate glucose level and burn fat by maintaining liver`s health. Using yogurt is also improves your bones health and increase fertility in both male and female. Try to use it by making blueberry yogurt smoothie or plain. It`s all your choice.

Sea Food:

Sea food such as fish, turkey, prongs, or tofu are great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid with great quantity of protein. Steamed or barbeque them to take a healthy meal and eliminate fried and junks will also help to reduce your belly fat.

Vegan when its Green:

Green veggies such as romaine or arugula lettuce, spinach, and kale are high in iron and vitamins with the beauty of having low calories. It helps you from bowel move syndrome, bloating and inflammation. High amount of fiber makes you feel full and low calories lead to burning fat faster.