Foods That Are Bad For Depression



Negative moods like anger, frustration and sadness is what constitutes depression. Normal people experience these occasionally and temporarily but those who are struggling with depression have to deal with them more often and have to deal with consequences of these. And these consequences affect their lives. Psychotherapy and psychiatric medication is what is used as a cure for depression. But dietary factors also play a major role, states University of Maryland Medical Centre.


Saturated Fats:

These are found commonly in high-fat dairy products, fried-food and red meat. These contribute towards the development of depression, according to the University College London. These fat usually coming from animal products increase risks of depression, obesity, heart disease and stroke too.

One must avoid processed meats and go for lean poultry, legumes or fish maybe. Replace butter with healthy plant-based oils like olive and canola. Go for low-fat than for full-fat milk. Always keep an eye for saturated fat content on nutrition label while purchasing food.


Refined Sugar:

An article that was featured in “Psychology Today” during July 2009 says that the researchers have found a link amid development of depression and intake of sugar. These simple sugars hinder proper functioning of a vital growth hormone called BDNF which is time and again found low in depression patients’ physiology. Sugars also boost inflammation in body systems up to detrimental levels. This heightens risk of depression. Limiting the intake of refined sugar will lower or even prevent the symptoms of depression. Brown and white table sugar and corn syrup are regular refined sugar examples. Commercially prepared foods usually contain this type of sugar like cakes, candies, cookies and other sweet foods. Soft drinks and some varieties of food juices are also full of this kind of sugar. You need to replace these mainly with natural, pure food like applesauce; fresh fruit or fruit based desserts. Choose cereals that are unsweetened or those that have minimum amount of sugars in it. Depend more upon natural sweeteners or use little amounts of sugar while adding sweetener to food. Natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup supply nutrients and humble sweetness.


Refined Grains:

Usually refined grains come in form of enriched or white flour. Mostly commercially prepared breads, cereals, cookies, crackers, pasta and pie crusts are mace of these. Refined grains intake is related with the problem of depression. University College London researchers claim to have found individuals being at a higher level of risk of depression who ate meals high in processed food like refined grains than those individuals who ate more of fish, fruits vegetables and whole grains. One needs to swap instant rice, sugary cereals, processed pasta and bread with the whole grain varieties. There are quite many health food stores and some grocery stores too that offer whole grains options of carbohydrates that make it easier to make your shift to whole grains a lot easier. As these whole grains are healthy for your heart and their dietary fiber content is high also the other nutrients so including these into your meals will help to avoid or cure other diseases as well. Hence this will endorse your health largely.