Foods That Are Essential To Buy Organic




Unfortunately none of us lives in a perfect world. If we did, then every single one of us would be in the best health of our lives because we would all be doing our food shopping down at local farmers markets, eating chickens that are fully organic and have been brought up in our own back gardens, buying full cows and sheep to get really fresh organic meat, and of course taking all of our friends and family down to the local forest to hunt for newly produced organic mushrooms.

But most of us are just far too busy trying to get as many things done a day as possible, to even think about living life in this manner regardless of whether it is possible or not.

Most people would rather take advantage of being able to grab all of the food they need from their local supermarket in five minutes than take a whole day out to look for fresh organic mushrooms down at the local forest. Let’s just face it, most people can’t be bothered to take the harder path.

But at the same time most of us still want to be as healthy as possible so that we can enjoy life for as long as we live. Most of us are up for eating organic foods but almost no one wants to pay too much for them.

So to really help you guys out, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be the most important foods that you need to buy organic from now on. These are foods that you can literally pick up from most of the supermarkets out there, so finding them should not be an issue.

To really help you out in terms of making decisions, I’ve put the list in order of importance… starting with the foods that you should definitely be buying organic and ending with the least urgent ones. Ideally you should get all the foods that I mention below organic from this day forward.

The number one food of course is…


Full Fat Dairy

Diary Products; milk,cheese,ricotta, yogurt and butter


Truth be told, there is a massive number of the population that actually eats a lot of dairy every single day of their life. Some eat it throughout the day and some just eat it on an occasional basis but still we all eat it at some point, excluding those that are lactose intolerant of course.

While not everyone is going to be able to get fresh organic milk directly from a cow that was just milked… every single one of us can buy organic milk from the local convenience store.

Believe me, the organic variety of dairy is far superior to any ordinary dairy that most people are used to consuming. The reason for this is that it is guaranteed by legislation and government ruling to meet certain standards.

The best thing about organic dairy is that you are assured that the cows that have produced the milk you’re about to drink have been grazing on fresh, green grass for the entire grazing season which actually lasts up to a total of 120 days. On top of this farmers must make sure that the very minimum amount of grass that these cows intake via grazing equates to at least 30% of the total amount that they eat over that whole period.

So when you put your money toward buying organic dairy you can be sure that a good percentage of the food that the cow ate actually came from a good source… not just pesticide ridden corn and soy which is what you will find with cows that produce non organic dairy.

For those who are absolutely dedicated to improving the state of their health, they should focus on buying organic dairy products from this moment forward.





Now when I mentioned that you’re guaranteed a certain set of quality standards are met when you buy organic dairy… the same rulings apply when it comes to organic beef. So that means that you’re going to be getting really high quality beef when you buy organic beef. Not only will it taste 10 times better but it will also contain a whole lot more nutrients which are going to be beneficial for you in the long run.

While organic beef is great, the best option is of course to get beef that was produced from a cow that was on a 100% grass diet. But one thing to understand is that whichever option you go for, they are both a whole lot better than the conventional beef that you’re used to eating right now!

While the organic variety that you are going to find commonly at your local supermarkets is brought up on a diet of soy and corn, you can be sure that non of the feed will ever be genetically modified or ever contain massive amounts of pesticides or insecticides which is common in the feed that is actually given to non organic cows.

Plus when you buy organic beef you’re also given the assurance that non of the cows were ever injected with any sort of antibiotic or hormones… which is great news for those that really want to improve their health for the better.





Now it can often times become really overwhelming when deciding on what the best sort of eggs a person should get. Should they be pastured or organic… is there really a difference? Or should I just stick to getting ordinary eggs? Well, I can tell you right now that you need not worry too much because I have all the answers right here, so you will never be confused, ever again 🙂

Ultimately you’re going to want to buy eggs that have come from a pastured chicken. If you can’t get your hands on these then you should stick to organic. That’s it, and of course you should never again touch ordinary non organic eggs again!

These are the simple rules you should employ from now on but I’m sure many of you out there are going to want to know the reasons why. Well, I can tell you right now that the reason you will want to avoid non organic eggs from now on is because the chickens that lay these eggs are mainly on a diet that consists of pesticide ridden grain… these pesticides are then just passed onto the egg yolks which of course you will end up eating.

The beautiful thing about pastured chickens and the eggs that they produce is the fact that these chickens are allowed to pretty much roam their natural environment for a large part of the day, which means they have ample opportunities to eat a good amount of natural things such as bugs and different grasses… and all the nutrients that they get from this natural food will be passed onto the food that you actually eat… exactly what we want.

So believe me, you’ll be putting your money to great use when you buy organic eggs that have come from pastured chickens!

These foods that I’ve listed here today are just a start on your journey to slowly but surely improve the quality of the food that you consume every single day. You should do your level best to move forward one baby step at a time until you ultimately get to the point where you’re eating all your foods organically. It might cost you a little bit more in the short term but believe me the benefits are going to be more than worth it in the long run.

Trust me health should become your number one priority from now on.

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