Foods To Steer Clear Of At Bedtime

Foods To Steer Clear Of At Bedtime 1


The fast paced world of today demands everyone to match pace with it and so we all lead a hectic lifestyle and this in turn stipulates that we get enough of the siesta when we finally lay our heads down on the pillow. Today insomnia has become a common medical complaint and majority of people are robbed of the pleasure that is extended from a good night’s snooze. Insomnia not only leaves the body feeling exhausted and drained of energy but sleeplessness has also been associated with depression and elevating the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body which can ultimately result in accumulation of belly fat. Experts agree that some food sources can be slotted into the category of “sleep promoters” while some are easily the “sleep stealers”. If you really want to get a restful shut-eye and don’t want to get your dining choices work in opposition to you then here are some of the bad guys to avoid near your slumber time.

1) Ice-cream:

A bowl of ice-cream may seem like a calming sedative but it acts exactly the opposite. Ice cream is loaded with sugar which causes a burst of energy to be released in the body immediately causing you to become active instead of lulling you to sleep. Moreover, it is brimming with fat, so you aren’t going to get the chance to burn up the adipose tissue before sleep so it is a total lose-lose situation. Moreover, research has validated those consuming sugary foods at nighttime can induce nightmares so eating ice-cream may soothe you initially but can unnerve you shortly.

2) Red meat:

Most meat lovers would disagree to the fact that meat can steal the tranquility from the sleep yet according to research, meat can keep the body hard at effort at nighttime because it is has a rich protein and fat content. It can stimulate wakefulness as it takes longer to digest and also cause heartburn and acidity. Avoiding meat right before bedtime is essential if you want to keep your system at peace and harmony.

3) Spicy Foods:

Highly-seasoned meals can disrupt your shut eye as spicy foods have been directly associated with heartburn, acidity and indigestion. It is recommended to eat spicy foods three to four hours before bedtime.

4) Chocolate:

The scrumptious chocolate bar may seem irresistible and a perfect snack to munch on right before bedtime, however, it is not an ideal choice as it contains caffeine. Moreover, it is also brimming with stimulants which can cause your pulse to quicken and cause you to keep on tossing and turning around through the night. For those suffering from insomnia, chocolate certainly is a no-no right before bedtime as it can have troublesome and unsettling effects on the sleeping pattern.

If you yearn for a restful and tranquil eight hour sleep, refrain from making these dietary blunders which not only annul your dream of packing on a killer physique but also embezzle you from a soothing and relaxing slumber.