Foods You Must Avoid If You Want To Be Healthy



There are some foods, that bring your body nothing but troubles and diseases. They are neither useful, nor deliver proteins or vitamins to your body. We are used to eating such foods, because they are easily found in the local shop and pretty cheap. The problem is that after a few years, they cost us much more and cause a variety of serious illnesses. So if you are concerned about your health, pay attention to the following foods and if you find it impossible to stop buying them you can at least try to reduce consuming them.

Margarine: One of the most unhealthy products, that we are offered. Most of us think that it is a pretty healthy alternative of butter, but the truth is that it loads fats that increase our cholesterol. The calorie are similar to those of the butter, but we tend to eat much more of it, because margarine is cheap and we think it is healthy.

Frozen Meals: Frozen meals limit portion size and often have less fats than a regular meal. It is okay… at first sight. But the problem is that in most of the cases fats are replaced with things, a lot worse for your body. If you don’t have time to cook every day, just pick up one or two days of the week and prepare yourself something bigger, like a tasty soup, for example, or some steaks. Make a few portions of it and put it in your fridge. At least you will be aware of what you actually eat.

Sausage and cured meat : Sausages, frankfurters and other cured meats are usually associated with cancer, high cholesterol, diseases etc. even hot dogs are concerned to be unhealthy. These foods offer little nutritional benefit, while their high fat content can aggravate diarrhea for some people.

White bread and white flour:  There is a reason why white bread is called ’empty food’. It leaches minerals from your body in order to metabolize it. The main content of the white bread is starch, which the body turns into fat or sugar. White flour contains little nutrition and is literally toxic. A good alternative to the white bread can be whole grains such as quinoa, oats, millets and brown rice. They are not expensive, delicious and especially appropriate for people on a healthy diet.

Microwave popcorn:  Microwave popcorns contain chemicals that can cause many different diseases and are believed to be very toxic. Among the dangers these products hide are cancer, infertility, immune system problems and thyroid disease. These chemicals can also affect your sex hormones. So, next time you go to the cinema, instead of buying popcorn, cross the street and visit the nearest vegetable shop. A sweet, green apple, for instance, can be a much better choice than a high level of cholesterol and pieces of popcorns between your teeth. Which, by the way, can totally ruin your date 🙂



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