Former World’s Strongest Man Threatens Migrants With A Baseball Bat (Video)

Five-times winner of World’s Strongest Man faces the strong arm of the law after threatening migrants he found hiding in one of his lorries. Pole Mariusz Pudzianowski’s haulage company was fined £40,000 after eight refugees were discovered in his Britain-bound lorry at Calais. And the brutish bodybuilder could now be prosecuted after posting a chilling message to any migrants thinking about hitching a ride in any more of his vehicles.

He uploaded photos to Facebook of refugees hiding in the lorry’s cargo alongside a picture of him wielding a baseball bat.



On the pictures’ caption, he wrote: “With this [baseball bat] I’ll be waiting on my trailer at the ferry from Calais to the UK.

“We are dealing with the protection of personal property.

“If someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself, and if you steal something and are caught in the act you have the right to deal with him to prevent crime.”

The MMA fighter also alleged that the unwanted guests caused £23,000 worth of damage to stock in the truck.

He added: “The cost of the destroyed goods is about 30,000 Euros. The driver was stopped by police for 48 hours and bailed for 5,000 euros and the matter is now waiting to go to court.

“At no time have I called for hatred or attacks on different religions, nationalities.

“There is a difference between the incitement to violence and defending when one is affected.

via The Sun