Four Non-Surgical Ways To Remove Belly Fat for Good



Losing weight is a goal that must be achieved using safe and healthy techniques. Today, there are a lot of invasive surgeries and weight loss supplements that are introduced. However, these options can be too risky as well as too expensive.

Aside from using unhealthy weight loss supplements and invasive weight loss surgeries, there are other healthier and safer options to remove belly fat for good. When opting for the safer weight loss options, it is important to choose top plastic surgeons. Here are some of these options.

Diet and Exercise – A Healthy Regimen for Weight Loss!

Having a healthy dietary regimen and routine exercise is one of the most common ways to lose weight. This is the option that most health care providers will suggest. Weight watchers may seek help from a nutritionist as well as a professional trainer to formulate just the right weight loss diet and exercise plan that they need.

This option is also considered as the healthiest option in terms of losing weight. However, with this weight loss regimen, the achievement of a person’s weight loss goals will require ample amount of motivation and determination.

Cryolipolysis – Freezing the Bad Fat Cells!

This option is also known as coolsculpting. Cryolypolysis will involve freezing of the fat cells in different areas of the body. Basically, the body will then start to dispose those frozen as well as damaged fat cells. This option is considered a spot treatment. However, this is not considered a whole body treatment. Basically, this is ideal for those people who are already in a decent shape but has some fatty body areas like the belly fat and the under arm fat.

Liquefy Fat Cells Using the Latest Laser Shaping Technique

This treatment option has a similar concept to cryolypolysis. However, this will involve the use of light vacuums as well as the placement of objects directly against the patient’s body. This is a shaping technique that would rely on the utilization of lasers. The laser will liquefy the fat cells. The liquefied fat cells will be removed by the body via the natural process. While this will not require any recovery time, one will need to undergo several sessions to get the maximum positive results.

StomaphyX – Stomach Restructuring Technique!

The StomaphyX is a revolutionary non invasive surgery. This option would not involve incisions or any long recovery periods. This treatment option will involve the insertion of a microscopic camera as well as a suction device via the throat and into the stomach. With the use of the suction, the folds of the patient’s stomach are drawn in a gentle manner. After this, a band is positioned around the stomach. This band will make the stomach smaller. Unlike the regular gastric bypass, this procedure has a much shorter recovery time.