“French People Are Getting Fat Too; Thanks, America”



Why are Americans to blame for France getting fat? I’m sorry, American can’t be blamed for everything. Shouldn’t you hold the French accountable for their expanding bodies?

Jenny Craig is taking France! According to an article in this weekend’s New York Timesmagazine, the American export is gaining popularity in the land of cheese and wine, bringing pre-packaged, calorie-restricted meals to a country known for fine cuisine made of fresh food from local markets. Gee, thanks, America!

Nestle has been marketing the Jenny Craig weight loss program to the weight-conscious French for two years. While nowhere near the staggering 35% obesity rate here in the United States, France’s obesity rate has grown to 14.5% (currently), up from 8.5% in 1997, challenging stereotypes of the notoriously thin-but-well-fed French physique.

Americans have long had an obsession with the supposed sophistication of the French lifestyle…and weight. Mireille Guiliano‘s 2004 book, French Women Don’t Get Fat, ignited the obsession, and recent books like French Kids Eat Everything have only fueled the fire. The French seem to be better than us at everything: Eating, parenting, fashion, art and everything that’s cultured and cultivated.


via Blisstree