From Option to Commitment: 5 Ways to Make Your Workout a Permanent Part of Your Daily Routine

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Technology is supposed to make life easier, but somehow it only gives people more reasons to get busier with work and with little time to devote to themselves. More and more, ‘me time’ has become an unknown concept for people as they place more importance on their career goals over their health goals.

However, as you all should know, that’s counteractive to say the least since poor health can only ultimately affect your ability to be productive. If you want to be your best at work, then you must also be in tip top shape. The right diet alone won’t cut it and an occasional workout won’t do either. You need to be committed to both, and if a permanent workout routine is your problem then here are some tips to strengthen your commitment to exercising and staying healthy.

What’s holding you back?

There must be a root reason as to why you are unable to stay committed to a daily or regular workout. Is it because you truly lack enough free time for it or is it because you just can’t find the right motivation? Knowing what’s wrong is the first step to figuring out how to get rid of your “commitment-phobic” views towards workouts.

Do you understand why a regular workout is critical and not just optional?

As one NHS article pointed out, inactivity or insufficient exercise or the absence of it can be “as deadly as smoking”. The mortality rate caused by too little exercise has been compared to the risks associated with chronic illnesses like heart disease, colon and breast cancer, Type II diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

On the other hand, regular exercise can reduce your risk for the following:

  • Hypertension
  • Various types of cancer
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Erectile problems
  • Dementia (for the elderly)

By just working out thirty minutes a day you will be able to get rid of all the risks mentioned above. You also need to train your mind to think of workouts as something you can’t compromise on – the same way you can’t imagine not taking a shower every day or not eating when you’re hungry. It’s something you have to do. Once you start thinking of workout along those lines then it’s only a matter of time before exercise becomes a permanent part of your daily routine.

Consider including yoga in your routine.

First of all, yoga is good not just for women but for men and even children, too. It comes with literally hundreds of poses, thus giving you a choice to customize your routine with poses you feel comfortable with but challenge your body at the same time.

Another nice thing about yoga is that it also includes meditation, which should help get rid of any lingering stress or tension you’re feeling about other aspects of your life. Last but not the least, yoga – or even just the meditation part of it – is something you can do just about anywhere. You could be in a bus, at an airport, or in your hotel room – it doesn’t matter. Just close your eyes, regulate your breathing, and just let your mind relax for five minutes. This counts as a workout, too!

Create a no-compromise schedule for your workout.

According to various studies, athletes do better when their competition coincide with the time they regularly train. If you apply this same line of thought to your own workout schedule, you can also expect your body to react more positively to your daily workouts.

Don’t give up even after a few misses.

During the first few months of renewing your commitment to a daily workout, it’s more than possible for you to miss a few sessions. That’s only normal and you shouldn’t let it ruin your schedule. Once you get your mind and body used to daily exercise, it’s something you’ll actually feel incomplete without in the future – and that’s a good thing!



 Author Bio:

Allan Bilolo has been blogging since 2010. A self-confessed computer geek, he’s lately become interested in finding the perfect fitness and diet combination for weight loss that can help offset the hours he spends indoors. One neat discovery of his is Sweet Sweat, which utilizes thermogenics to speed up the fat-burning process.