Fundamental Principles For Getting A Chiseled Physique

Fundamental Principles For Getting A Chiseled Physique

For many men, appending more muscle to the frame is the only way to add charisma and sex appeal to their personality, look debonair even when wearing bulky clothing and win the heart of the ladies. Leanness plays a pivotal role in the equation of muscle definition. So if you are overweight, then you need to trim down initially with cardio and aerobic exercises and then follow these essential guidelines to pack on pounds of muscle and acquire a tough and forceful form.

Maximize your efforts of bodybuilding by making these dietary changes:

  • Ensure that you are consuming at least 2500 calories a day
  • Muscle growth is buttressed with protein synthesis i.e. building and storing proteins.  So you need to make certain that your intake of protein is adequate.  Daily consume 2 gram of protein for every pound of weight and divide the rest of the calories between the intake of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids because the body needs to stay hydrated to build muscle mass at the optimal rate.
  • Instead of increasing your meal portions, increase your diet by eating five to six smaller meals more frequently.
  • Surprisingly, you need to increase your fat intake but ensure that you are consuming healthy fats. Monosaturated and polystaurated fats fall in the category of good fats. Some of the healthy food sources which integrate these good fats are olive, canola, sesame, corn and safflower oils.
  • Supplementing a diet with a multivitamin is also recommended.
  • Eat protein before going to sleep and eat food as soon as you wake up if you want to promote your efforts of growing more muscle mass.

Principles to follow when exercising:

  • Warm up before any exercise is crucial to prevent injuries and to sanction a better performance.
  • The only solution to increasing muscle mass is to trigger the tearing of muscle fibers and this is attained by subjecting the muscles to exterior influences to which they are not attuned to. This necessitates that you start training with barbells, dumbbells and weight lifting machines.
  • Also incorporate multi-joint exercises like dead lifts, squats, presses, rows, pull-ups, bench pressing and cleans in your training routine.
  • Concentrate and workout your whole body because the more muscles you will focus on, the more hormones will be produced which will accelerate the growth of muscle mass while exercising and resting.
  • Despite the fact that cardio is great for burning fat and calories, you need to restrict your cardio training session when aspiring to build muscle mass because your body is now relying on fat and additional calories to foster muscle mass.
  • Muscles need time to recover and repair. Muscle mass development is stimulated if you completely exhaust a muscle set and then give it at least 72 hours to rest, rejuvenate and repair. A good principle to adopt is to permit total nonexistence of soreness in a particular set of muscles before engaging it in a workout. For example do leg exercises on Monday and Thursday, chest and shoulder exercises on Tuesday and Friday and back, arms and abs workout on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • You can enhance the resting period of the muscles by embracing activities like taking ice baths and cold showers, compression clothing, foam rolling, breathing exercises, stretching and ensuring that you get adequate sleep.

After following these guidelines you also need to guarantee that you are de-stressing your mind because accumulated stress levels can counteract the action of testosterone which is a muscle building hormone by producing the hormone cortisol. This has a damaging effect on the muscle growth. Exercising daily, managing the stress levels and consuming proper nutrition are the components which fit in the equation of muscle growth and adding volume to your structure.