Green Coffee Bean – Is it real or just a myth?



Green coffee, the extract from unroasted coffee beans, is a promising new product in the market. Being highly popular for reducing the extra kilos, green coffee has been in the news for a while now. It has been proved to be helping in reducing weight. People have found that two weeks of regular green coffee intake helps to lose almost half a kilo of body weight.

The star performer in reducing weights has some very unique blend of exotic compounds that make it a magical potion to weight watchers and for obese people to bring down their weights within limits. According to the scientists who advocate the intake of Green coffee beans, the green coffee beans extracts are known to contain chlorogenic acid. This chlorogenic acid is the secret compound which helps promoting weight loss by slowing down the release of glucose into the body after a meal.

Many studies across the world have shown that the green coffee extract actually works and helps reducing weight in a major way. But nutritionists and obesity experts have shown their concerns regarding the validity of the studies and tests that have been done to cite the effect of weight loss from green coffee bean extract. They are not happy with the number of people that were subjected to the study of the effect of green coffee extract on their weight reduction. According to them, the studies should have be done on more number of people and they should belong to different parts of the various countries and cultures. Anything that works on just a handful of people may still not be considered to be fully validated. And hence green coffee may not have the desired effects on one person whereas can work like an absolute charm for others. The facts, attributed to the diversity, like where is the person from, what is the climate of the place that the person dwells in, the person’s lifestyle and the culture to which the person belongs to, apart from many other factors play a key role in deciding whether green coffee will have the desired effect on a particular person in question, or not. Also, a major glaring question that stands in the way of the green coffee extracts popularity, is the fact that without changing the net calorie intake and without exercising or increasing physical activity, its next to impossible to reduce one’s weight. Hence it is always advisable to think and research about anything that promises to give results akin to a miracle. It is very easy to be caught by an idea that seems so simple and easy at first.

But in the end might prove to be nothing more than a worthless experiment and a waste of time in the end. There are many products, that are being falsely promoted and many proponents are being paid handsomely to write in support of these products that are sometimes even dangerous for your health. And all this is for the sake of earning more and more profits.

The same could be the case of green coffee as well, although it may not harm you but might not give you complete satisfaction in helping you reduce the extra kilos, and getting the desired figure that everyone is made to dream about and aspire for.