Green Tea – A Wonder Drink For Bodybuilders


Tea is a traditional remedy widely used in various Asian countries like – china, Japan, India and other part of the Asia. They treated green tea as a magical drink for thousand of years. Benefits of drinking tea is for several health issues including – skin impurities, anti-oxidants and of course for weight loss or fat burning agent. If you’re a bodybuilder and looking for some healthy beverages, then green tea is the best alternative of – cold drinks and other stimulants! Being a bodybuilder, you must avoid sugar, preservatives and other elements that add calories and fat in your body. Green tea is the perfect drink that full of anti-oxidants and fat burning capabilities. Of course it must be taken without sugar!

Now the question is, from where you can buy green tea? Well, you can buy it from your local supermarket or even you can find it in health supplement stores. But before buying it, make sure that the product must be organic and don’t contain any other materials.  The next question is – how green tea is beneficial for you? Well the answer is given bellow –

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

consuming 2 cups of green tea regularly reduce health problems. The mechanism behind this is – it reduces bad cholesterol and burn other fat contents from your body and protect you from various coronary artery disease. Not only that, it also protects you from – high triglycerides and hypertension.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

besity is growing problem all over the world. Obesity is a lifestyle disease. It comes from consumption of unhealthy food, poor lifestyle, bad habits like lack of exercise and alcohol consumption, over night work and other poor lifestyle issue. Green Tea can help you successfully combat with stop gaining weight, not only that, if you already put on a few extra pounds, still it works for you! Regular consumption of green tea eliminates bad cholesterol and LDL, burn fat by increasing the metabolism and prevent cancer through its powerful anti-oxidants. If you’re a bodybuilder, then it is very much essential that you must have control over your weight. Also, if you’re a new bodybuilder and want to reduce your overweight quickly, then green tea is the perfect supplement for you. The effectiveness of green tea also utilized by several health supplement manufacturers. They manufacture green tea pills using green tea extracts. However, it is not recommended to consume green tea pills! Due to clinical issues – we strongly encourage you to consume green tea as raw form.


Skin Care and Teeth

as mentioned earlier, green tea full of anti-oxidants and it helps you to fight against free radicals and help you to protect your skin from skin impurities. Additionally, the antibacterial functionality of green tea protects your teethes from tooth decay and teeth problems.

Finally, it also prevents diabetes, protect you from bacteria and viruses and improve the overall immunity of your body.