Green Tea Leads The Fight To Treat Acne

Today, the average consumer can feel overwhelmed with the myriad of choices in beauty and skin products. Any person should conduct his own research before selecting what products to buy, specifically those to be applied on the skin. Every person’s skin is different and reactions to each product will vary from person to person. An educated consumer is better able to choose products that deliver results and provide maximum benefits.

Green tea has emerged as an answer to many health and beauty issues, including acne problems. A study consisting of 35 people with frequent acne breakouts showed that acne was reduced by as much as 80% in an 8 week period using a cream with green tea in it.

Green tea has antioxidants that are effective in the prevention of acne and protect the skin from harmful radicals that cause damage to cells and tissue. It also fights bacteria that cause acne. It helps to maintain stable hormonal activity to keep acne under control and reduces inflammation of the skin.

Green tea works as a natural astringent to effectively cleanse and tone the skin when topically applied. Some believe that green tea bags help but they are actually ineffective because they
don’t contain the required amount of EGCG or Pigallocatechin Gallate. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine points out that green tea protects the sun from skin damage with the help of catechin found in green tea. It also protects against skin cancer due to high levels of antioxidants.

Since green tea has high quantities of antioxidants, research shows that the polyphenols slow down signs of aging and shows promising action against sagging skin and wrinkles. Asian women who drink lots of tea have benefitted for centuries as evidenced by their clear and fair skin. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties and high level of antioxidants reduce aging signs and makes skin more elastic and firm.

Using Green Tea For Daily Skin Care

It is advisable to use green tea as part of your daily skin care to fight signs of aging. It is not enough to just buy creams containing green tea since some polyphenols lose their potency when exposed to air. One must choose the right products containing green tea for it to be effective.

There are practical ways to include green tea in your skin regimen. To take advantage of its ability to protect you from harmful rays of the sun, you may apply a green tea formulated product with your sunscreen. Your sunscreen must be based on zinc oxide to work well with green tea.

You can also freeze brewed green tea and use it as a toner but don’t apply directly to the skin straight from the freezer or you’ll get freeze burns. You can also try mixing your own green tea cream using a green tea extract or taking green tea extracts that are commercially available in capsules so that you get the benefits of green tea for your skin without much hassle.

Exposed Skin Care is one of many skin products that have surfaced in the market to address skin care problems like acne. A study of its actual ingredients reveal it contains green tea extract, sage, Aloe Vera, passion flower, and Licorice extract, all of which are natural ingredients that benefit the skin directly due to healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Unlike other acne solutions, Exposed Skin Care works holistically; it eliminates existing acne and prevents its recurrence. It keeps the skin healthy and free from bacteria so that acne won’t come back. It also reduces acne scars and pigmentation and helps to achieve a more balanced complexion.

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