Grip4orce Product Review



Looking to add an edge to your upper body workout routine? The folks over at Grip4orce have determined that hand grips and forearms as areas that are often overlooked when training. These 2″ thick plastic rubber bars can enable you to make  functional grip and forearm strength. Thick bars in general are more difficult to hold, thus requiring increased muscle stimulation in your hands and forearms to grip. Study’s show that grip strength is an indicator of overall strength.





Why Tension is a Must?
Grip4orce has an inner-core Resistance that thick or regular bars don’t have. Why Tension? The act of squeezing the bar firmly is important for safety and crucial when looking to develop strength and muscle. With Grip4orce, the increased hand tension will produce an immediate increase in the force of joint flexion and extension, thereby promoting faster gains in grip strength and activating more hard-to-reach muscles throughout the body.
The law of Irradiation States
A muscle that is working hard will recruit the neighborhood of muscles, and if they are already a part of the action, it amplifies their strength. Simply put, by making the hands work overtime, the surrounding muscles are forcefully recruited into activity, this causes the body to create and transfer more tension. This will account for more force production and enhance the contraction of the targeted muscles. It also reinforces the theory of irradiation which becomes automatic in your preparation with each rep.


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  • Internal Polymer Resistance Core Intermediate and Advanced
  • Spreads weight evenly for reduced negative joint strain
  • Anti-Slip Tread Design
  • Forces hand into active grip state (Crushing Grip)
  • Converts bars and dumbbells to larger 2″ diameter (Thick-bar)
  • Can also be used as a stand alone hand grip device


  • Improves Mind Muscle Connection (MMC)
  • Enhances contraction to the targeted muscles
  • Improves Intramuscular strength
  • Supports Increased Thumb, Wrist, Forearm, and Grip Strength
  • Improves Grip Strength while doing your normal exercises
  • Increases the intensity and difficulty of each exercise
  • Increased Arm Pump


The grips are great for performing arm exercises such as barbell curls, you immediately feel the forearms being targeted throughout each exercise. Adding these thick bars to normal exercises that you already do, will add a bit of muscle confusion to your workout. The added thickness of the bar will definitely cause your muscles to work a bit harder; causing for muscle stimulation in that specific exercise.






After using Grip4orce  for about a month, I noticed an increased development in my forearms. I was now able to bang out more weight or reps without experiencing forearm or grip fatigue. They make training with dumbbells, barbells, pullup bars so much more functional. The Grip4orce  bars are very effective and affordable ($39.99) way to build forearm and grip strength.

In conclusion, the Grip4orce doesn’t change your workout, it makes it more challenging. Increasing muscle activation by working your hands and forearms harder. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to provide a unique challenge to their workouts with this durable, effective, and cost effective alternative upper body training.

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