Guy Gets Jumped and Sucker Punched During 2 vs 1 Gym Fight (Video)

Sad day when you see stuff like this happen at a gym. People need to leave their egos at the door and just LIFT.

Wherever that gym is, there’s a whole lotta testosterone up in there. Nobody lifting there is anemic because there’s so much iron being pumped. Just a ton of jacked bros alpha male’ing with the best of them.

No idea what actually started that mini brawl because the audio wasn’t super audible here (looked like maybe a dispute over an incline bench because chest day) but is it weird that the first thing I thought watching this unfold was that the dude who got hit is lucky to not have dropped those 45lb. barbells on his feet?

Like yeah, you just got sucked punched in the face but that’ll heal and everything. One of those weights dropped and a broken foot later and you might be sidelined from the gym for weeks. Clearly, that’s acceptable to no one involved in that beef.

Lift or die life.

via BroBible