Guy Loses 100lbs After Becoming ‘Fat Guy’ Meme

Fatty meme guy knows he can't just be that fat meme guy everyone's making fun of online. So he lost 100lbs like a boss.

A lot of Internet famous real life meme celebrities are raking it and embracing their fame and living up to what they are known online. However, this fat guy meme took it to a different direction.

The 280lb music lover, was snapped on a friend’s shoulders without his shirt on, was “devastated” when the image went viral with the caption:: “Make extra beer money by renting yourself as a human forklift for less mobile punters.”

Fat meme guy loses 100 pounds of weight and ripped it up though diet and exercise.

The 26-year-old then suffered a torrent of abuse on social media after the post went viral, with more than 30,000 likes and shares and more than 10,000 comments. The photo had been taken in March 2014 at the Future Music Festival in Australia, during a backpacking holiday with friends. Paul weighed around 280lb at the time.

He has since lost seven stone( 100 Lbs), by not going out on boozy nights out and swapping fast food for going to the gym three times a week. He also joined Slimming World to help him get closer to his goal weight of 12 stone.

Guy loses 100lbs after being turned into chubby guy meme.

“My friend rang me to warn me that a picture of me was being shared online and that it was going to upset me,” said the waiter.

“They said I should not look at it but I had a strange compulsion to see it. I was so upset – the comments were awful, really, really upsetting.

“But no matter how bad they were I found myself obsessed with reading them even though they hurt me so much.

“At first I let them really get to me. They made me feel very down and depressed but I decided to do something about it in a positive way for myself.”

The tirade of abuse promoted Paul to completely overhaul his diet.

He ditched boozy nights and takeaways for gym sessions.

via Daily Star