Gym Etiquette 101



While it’s perfectly acceptable to sweat, grunt and make mean faces while working out, there are a few behaviors that aren’t acceptable. Here are just a few rules for getting along with your fellow exercisers:

  • Re-rack your weights when you’re finished. Help keep the gym clean. Also, some people have trouble lifting the heavier weights.
  • Wipe down machines and benches when you’re done
  • Talking (or grunting) at a reasonable volume is fine. Avoid occupying equipment while you’re chatting, though.
  • Don’t use more than one piece of equipment at a time unless you are sure nobody else needs them.
  • If you’re resting between sets and someone is waiting, offer to let them work in. This means alternating your sets and theirs in order to share the equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask (politely!) if you’re in the opposite position.
  • Try not to stare at others in the gym – it can distract them and make them uncomfortable. If you’re watching somebody’s form, don’t do it for too long.
  • Don’t offer unsolicited advice, unless somebody is in imminent danger of hurting themselves.
  • If you notice that somebody looks like they need a spot immediately (the bar has stopped moving in a place where it’s not supposed to), stand by ready to help, if they call out for help then please do so. Grabbing onto the bar without their knowledge as it may startle them, distract them, or they possibly could have gotten that rep but were at a sticking point. Some people also prefer to abandon a failed rep on their hips (when it comes to a bench press) rather than have a spot.