HD Labs Calibrate Performance Pre Product Review

HD Labs Calibrate Performance Pre Product Review


I have always wanted to try Calibrate by HD Labs, which is a new pre-workout formulation that has been designed to fuel the body with the best ingredients out there and I just couldn’t get over all of the good things people were saying in reviews. I do know that they are one of the few companies that are responsible for manufacturing their own products from start to finish. They are well known for being high quality. Recently, the tables have turned and I was able to try this product and I must say, yes, I plan on purchasing this product in the near future.

Ever since I first tried this product, I have been looking forward to writing this review. I’m sorry that it took a large amount of time to write this review, but I wanted to make sure I covered everything.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredients in this stuff is amazing, in my opinion. There’s even a full disclosure label! No joke, it’s a 100% full label disclosure, which in this day and age, is hard to find.  There’s 15 active ingredients, 5 patented ingredients and 60 full servings in this supplement.

HD Labs Calibrate Performance Supplement Facts

I often refer to this as a “full spectrum” pre workout. With that, I am saying that this is a complete product within itself. With only one scoop, you are getting a large amount of ingredients packed in one. I especially enjoy how most of these ingredients have been dosed effectively – in my opinion, that is something that is pretty important. This means I don’t have to reach out and add anything extra to it. This supplement gives more than one could ever imagine – I’ve used various other pre workout formulas like Jack3d, 1MR, C4, etc. With those supplements, I always had to go out of my way in order to add extra stuff for pumps, or beta-alanine, or creatine.

The Taste

Okay, this may be one of those things I did not like about this. The taste just wasn’t pleasing to me. It has that acid taste and is super sour. I mix it with as little water as possible, get all psyched up, then drink it … but even then, I still cannot get over that taste, because it is too overpowering.  However, I think I may be on the side lines when it comes to this one, because looking at other reviews and talking to my buddies, no one else seems to have a problem with the flavor. Who knows, maybe they know something I don’t know, or maybe our taste buds are just different. Regardless, I don’t take the taste into consideration with my final rating, so that will not have an effect on the score. Due to its amazing effects, I would gladly swallow it, regardless.

Easy to Mix

Since the ingredients are super pure and there no fillers in it, it is super easy to mix. Every time I mix it, I do not experience any problems.

The Dosing

Do you know what I really enjoy about this supplement? The fact that it really is a one scoop serving – no need to do anything else. I never feel the need to go past one scoop, which is good news to say the least. Right when I go to the gym, I take one scoop and that is all I need. I feel it kicking in as I am crushing weights.

The Effectiveness

For me, the main reason behind taking any pre-workout product would be to increase the amount of work one could do while they are at the gym. I have tried many other products and this one right here accomplished that goal better than any of the others I have tried, hands down.  The pumps still vary, depending on various factors, but in my opinion, they are better than normal and with many of the workouts, I got the “full body” pump we all desire – the one where everything feels as if it is swollen and you aren’t even using those muscles. Without any doubt, that extra blood flow increased both my endurance and my power. Speaking of power, that reminds me – I noticed that my normal weights had a tendency to move more efficiently and faster.  This gave me the opportunity to hit more sets or reps and there was a faster recovery time between doing sets. I can’t tell you just how crazy the endurance was. I was able to do all of my normal work, then move around the gym, finding more stuff that I could do, because I felt as if I had the mental drive and strength to do even more. My bad days, thanks to this supplement, were turned into good days and I was able to do some monster workouts. The energy I had was even and solid – just the right amount of energy. With a lot of the workouts, I feel as if they gave me a sense of euphoria. I had constant focus.

The Side Effects

At this time, other than having to pee a lot after I workout, I haven’t noticed any form of side effects. The reason I have to pee a lot is because of all that caffeine. If you drink coffee, you know exactly what I’m talking about with that one.

The Price

Yeah, I guess the price is a potential negative when it comes to this product, but what can I say? If you want something that is effective, sometimes, you must pay a high price and in my opinion, it is well worth it.


Years ago, I never thought I would find a product this good that would cause me to give a rating that was this high. I give it a 9.5. The reason I did not give it a 10 is the fact that I always feel as if there is room for improvement – you can always make something better or something better will eventually come along. In this case though, I don’t think it is highly likely. This product delivered everything I have ever dreamed of and honestly, it really did live up to the claims that are on the label. If you are looking for a good supplement to use during your workouts – one that would give you more energy and make you feel good – I would go with this one right here. This one is for those gym rats who are serious about doing real work and training in the gym.