Health and Fitness Tips For Children


Nowadays children are more involved in watching tv and playing video games than outdoor games, that is why a sharp increase is seen in the number of obese children. The trend needs to be changed and children should be encouraged to play games that involve physical activity which is good both for their minds and bodies. Parents should make it sure that their children are participating in some kind of physical activities daily so that children have better health and fitness. A child who is not cared for the weight in his childhood may lead him to a fat man or woman. This situation makes a child unconfident.

Rope skipping is a very good and fruitful physical activity for children. While doing rope skipping, almost all the body muscles move which is good for burning off extra fat and strengthening of muscles. Children can play the game alone or many children can enjoy that game together. It is very effective exercise for those children who have not got enough space for other outdoor games. Parents should find ways to keep the interest alive in children in such games so that a routine is set.

Another interesting game that children enjoy playing is Hokey. It is a game of stretching and pulling hands and legs and moving and turning the whole of the body, so there is quite a movement in this enjoyable game of children which help children’s body attain a better shape. By playing these kind of games physical and mental health of children is much improved.

Another activity in which the children can engage themselves is cycling. It is one of the best ways in which children have some kind of physical activity with enjoyment and pleasure. It is the exercise of leg muscles as the cycle is paddled and helps in burning body fat mostly from around the hips. Parents need to be careful while allowing children to ride bicycles. They should be properly instructed on how and where to ride, advised to wear helmets and occasionally checking the cycle.

Football is a very popular game among youngsters and really a great workout with such fun and thrill. Children love to play football which involves much running on the ground and so an intense muscle movement of many parts of the body. The flow of blood in the body is increased as the heartbeat rate increases, which is helpful for muscle development and getting rid of unnecessary fat. Such games increase the elasticity of muscles so there is less chance of getting sprains.

If there is no possibility of engaging in outdoor activities then there is the option of indoor games. There are many games which can be played in the houses, table tennis and hide and seek are the examples. But there should be some kind of activity that the children can pursue so that they remain agile and perfect in health. Parents should participate in playing games with children when required. A child that remains physically active surely has an active mind.